Tips to buy bridal jewellery

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Bridal Jewellery To Match You

The bridal jewellery is one of the most expensive investments that you make in your wedding. Jewellery adds spice to all the looks on your wedding day. The accessories that you choose with your dre...Read More
Buying earrings for girls online

How To Buy Earrings For Girls Online With Super Ease

Women love jewellery. Their taste might differ, but they all do love to shop the jewellery that would go with their clothes. Earrings, be it silver earrings, or any other kind, they have been favou...Read More
Choosing nose rings to suit your face types

How to Choose Nose Rings to Suit Your Face Type

Nose rings may it be a silver nose ring or a pearl and gold ring, they are a piece of jewellery a woman must own. It can change the look of your face in an instant. When you do not want to look too...Read More
Types of traditional maharashtrian jewellery

Top 5 Types of Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery for any Occasion

Jewellery is close to every woman’s heart. Every state’s culture in India is distinguished by the jewellery that has been ancient and been loved and adorned for ages! Maharashtrian women are proud ...Read More
Types of Bridal Nath for wedding

Top 6 Types of Bridal Nath’s to Exhibit at Your Wedding

For every girl, her wedding day is the most awaited day of your life. She has imagined how she wants to look on the day and when the date is fixed she begins her journey of finding the right dress,...Read More
Markings on the forehead

Markings on the forehead

Some of the most striking forms of body marking is sectarian forehead marks utilised by Hindus from time immemorial till date. Indian Hindus have been using a large variety of materials in order to...Read More
Body adornments

Body adornments

The term jewellery is timeless. To us, jewellery comprises of the use of precious metals and gemstones; but in reality, jewellery dates back to about 1,00,000 years ago when humans turned their att...Read More
The mystical influence of the Turquoise over spirituality!

The mystical influence of the Turquoise over spirituality!

Long ago, in the markets of Europe, a bright and captivating-blue stone caught everyone’s attention! Since then, the Turquoise has been successful in capturing everyone under its spell. Apart from ...Read More
Buddhist ornaments

Buddhist ornaments

Ornaments which have a buddhist influence when it comes to their designs have been discovered in the Northern Kushan realm. The Kushan realm was a part of the Bactro-Gandhara region which showed bu...Read More