Floret Zirconia Silver MangalsutraFloret Zirconia Mangalsutra Online
8% Discount

Floret Zirconia Silver Mangalsutra

Rs. 3,500 Rs. 3,800

You save 8%

Elliptical Silver Toe RingElliptical Silver Toe Ring
21% Discount

Elliptical Silver Toe Ring

Rs. 2,200 Rs. 2,800

You save 21%

Kudi Silver EarringsKudi Silver Earrings
25% Discount

Kudi Silver Earrings

Rs. 1,500 Rs. 2,000

You save 25%

Sadafuli Silver Toe Ring - mohabygeetanjaliSadafuli Silver Toe Ring - mohabygeetanjali

Sadafuli Silver Toe Ring

Rs. 2,500
Hingora Silver Earrings - BigHingora Silver Earrings - Big

Hingora Silver Earrings - Big

Rs. 4,200
Bhawara Silver EarringsBhawara Silver Earrings

Bhawara Silver Earrings

Rs. 4,200
Bulbul Silver Earrings - mohabygeetanjaliBulbul Silver Earrings - mohabygeetanjali
28% Discount

Bulbul Silver Earrings

Rs. 4,300 Rs. 6,000

You save 28%

Saraswati Silver EarringsSaraswati Silver Earrings

Saraswati Silver Earrings

Rs. 2,000
Moti Silver Bugadi, Pierced - mohabygeetanjaliMoti Silver Bugadi, Pierced - mohabygeetanjali
Sold out

Moti Silver Bugadi, Pierced

Rs. 2,800 Rs. 3,000

You save 7%

Buy Masoli Silver EarringsBuy Masoli Silver Earrings

Masoli Silver Earrings

Rs. 3,500
Dampati Silver Pendant NecklaceDampati Silver Pendant Necklace
Sold out

Dampati Silver Pendant Necklace

Rs. 9,500
Naag Chaitanya Pendant NecklaceNaag Chaitanya Pendant Necklace
Sold out
Buy Dangling Geranium Dome Silver EarringsBuy Dangling Geranium Dome Silver Earrings
10% Discount

Dangling Geranium Dome Silver Earrings

Rs. 3,060 Rs. 3,400

You save 10%

Beauty of a Leaf Silver Nose Pin - Clip On - mohabygeetanjali
70% Discount

Beauty Of A Leaf Silver Nose Pin - Clip On

Rs. 300 Rs. 1,000

You save 70%

Uroo silver necklaceUroo silver necklace

Uroo silver necklace

Rs. 6,800
Rangoli Silver Nosepin, PiercingRangoli Silver Nosepin, Piercing
25% Discount

Rangoli Silver Nosepin, Piercing

Rs. 600 Rs. 800

You save 25%

Chand Silver Nosepin, PiercingChand Silver Nosepin, Piercing
30% Discount

Chand Silver Nosepin, Piercing

Rs. 700 Rs. 1,000

You save 30%

Akira Silver Nosepin, PiercingAkira Silver Nosepin, Piercing
19% Discount

Akira Silver Nosepin, Piercing

Rs. 650 Rs. 800

You save 19%

Sinhal vartula Silver earringsSinhal vartula Silver earrings
28% Discount

Sinhal vartula Silver earrings

Rs. 1,800 Rs. 2,500

You save 28%

Triratna mandala Silver EarringTriratna mandala Silver Earring
16% Discount

Triratna mandala Silver Earring

Rs. 3,200 Rs. 3,800

You save 16%

Makara Mudra Silver EarringsMakara Mudra Silver Earrings
36% Discount

Makara Mudra Silver Earrings

Rs. 1,800 Rs. 2,800

You save 36%

Padmalakshmi Silver Bugadi,Clip OnPadmalakshmi Silver Bugadi,Clip On
26% Discount

Padmalakshmi Silver Bugadi,Clip On

Rs. 2,600 Rs. 3,500

You save 26%

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