Tara Silver Nath - Pierced LeftTara Silver Nath - Pierced Left
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Tara Silver Nath - Pierced Left

Rs. 1,400 Rs. 2,000
Peshwa Silver Nath - Pierced RightPeshwa Silver Nath - Pierced Right
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Peshwa Silver Nath - Pierced Right

Rs. 1,400 Rs. 2,000
Silver Nose Ring (Small)Silver Nose Ring (Small)

Silver Nose Ring (Small)

Rs. 600
Tara Silver Nath - Clip On Left - mohabygeetanjaliTara Silver Nath - Clip On Left - mohabygeetanjali
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Temple Silver Nath - Red, Clip On LeftTemple Silver Nath - Red, Clip On Left
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Silver Nose Ring (Big)Silver Nose Ring (Big)

Silver Nose Ring (Big)

Rs. 700
Lakshmi Silver Nath - Pink, Clip On LeftLakshmi Silver Nath - Pink, Clip On Left
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Peshwa Silver Nath - Clip On LeftPeshwa Silver Nath - Clip On Left
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Temple Silver Nath - Black, Clip On LeftTemple Silver Nath
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Isha Silver Nath - Black, Clip On LeftIsha Silver Nath - Black, Clip On Left
On sale

Isha Silver Nath - Black, Clip On Left

Rs. 1,400 Rs. 2,000

Guide to Classic and Traditional India Nath Styles to match the bridal look

Nath in Indian culture has special importance. A bride is ready only when she wears a Nath that takes her looks and beauty above the sky. In modern times, it has now made a comeback and got its place as a style statement with inclusions of modern designs. It is a special adornment that is worn to signify special occasions and blossom the beauty of the bride as well as occasion.

Different types of Nath mostly pull off any type of face, look, colour, dress, and makeup. It is one of the very fewer ornaments who are inevitable beauty signifiers. Be it a Maharashtrian Nath or Gehrwali Nath, depending upon the dressing of the bride, Nath can add wonders. Just before your wedding, to avoid any hassle and struggle with shopping and making your trousseau, Nathni online shopping is an extremely safe and quick solution.

This precious jewellery piece has a magical charm to embrace the surroundings when mixed with the sweet smile and blush of the bride. Let us look at different types of Nath for your bridal trousseau to buy Silver Nath online.

South Indian Nath – Mukutthi

Mukutthi is a South Indian traditional nose ring/Nath. It is usually worn in gold jewellery carved in round shape and crowned by Pearls. Along with peals, rubies or emerald, it is also engraved to pull off the shine and essence. Usually, Mukutthi is worn without a chain that complements best with silk saree. But, going with the expert opinion, Moha has re-designed the Nath in silver mode.

Maharashtrian Nath – Karwari and Peshwa Nath

Karwari Nath and Peshwa Nath are traditional exquisite silver jewellery that is mostly worn with Maharashtrian attire. Moha specializes in re-crafting and selling these silver Nath online. These 2 historical symbols of The Peshwas hold a special place in Silver Jewellery and it suits best for a modern look as well as in bridal trousseau.

Karwari Nath has pearls on a silver round piece with a ruby or sapphire in a small size. While Peshwa is more handcrafted with a round design and eyedrop shape with ruby or sapphire in middle in the big size. This gives a special look to flaunt. Designs of Peshwa Nath are more concentric shapes.

Maharashtrian Naths are in trend and one of the best silver Nath online. Genuine brands are coming up with classic as well as contemporary styles. These all designs are a speciality of Moha and is the best stop to buy Nath online.

Finding perfect Nath Silver jewellery for your favourite dress is as difficult as finding a dress itself. Nathni online shopping at easy rates and quick delivery in today’s time is no wonder.

Nath completes a woman. You will never be out of style or dress that suits Naths. Buy Nath online at Moha to keep your wardrobe ready for all occasions and your whimsical outlook.