The Throne Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjaliThe Throne Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjali

The Throne Silver Ring

Rs. 4,500
Wheel of Joy Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjaliWheel of Joy Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjali

Wheel of Joy Silver Ring

Rs. 4,500
Karuna Silver Earring - mohabygeetanjaliKaruna Silver Earring - mohabygeetanjali

Karuna Silver Earring

Rs. 4,500
Ritual Silver Earring - mohabygeetanjaliRitual Silver Earring - mohabygeetanjali

Ritual Silver Earring

Rs. 4,000
Yogini Silver Earring - mohabygeetanjaliYogini Silver Earring - mohabygeetanjali

Yogini Silver Earring

Rs. 5,000
Dhaal Silver Earring - mohabygeetanjaliDhaal Silver Earring - mohabygeetanjali

Dhaal Silver Earring

Rs. 2,900
Silk Ribbon Silver Earring - mohabygeetanjaliSilk Ribbon Silver Earring - mohabygeetanjali

Silk Ribbon Silver Earring

Rs. 6,500
Ganges Silver Earrings - mohabygeetanjaliGanges Silver Earrings - mohabygeetanjali

Ganges Silver Earrings

Rs. 4,500
Shankha Silver Earrings - mohabygeetanjaliShankha Silver Earrings - mohabygeetanjali

Shankha Silver Earrings

Rs. 1,800
Joy Silver Earrings - mohabygeetanjaliJoy Silver Earrings - mohabygeetanjali

Joy Silver Earrings

Rs. 2,000
Synergy Pendant Necklace - mohabygeetanjaliSynergy Pendant Necklace - mohabygeetanjali
Sold out
Panti Silver Earring - Pink - mohabygeetanjaliPanti Silver Earring - Pink - mohabygeetanjali

Panti Silver Earring - Pink

Rs. 2,400
Darpan Silver Earring - Pink - mohabygeetanjaliDarpan Silver Earring - Pink - mohabygeetanjali

Darpan Silver Earring - Pink

Rs. 2,000
Buy Vajra Silver EarringBuy Vajra Silver Earring

Vajra Silver Earring

Rs. 2,000
Jalaj Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjaliJalaj Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjali

Jalaj Silver Ring

Rs. 5,000
Meena Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjaliMeena Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjali

Meena Silver Ring

Rs. 2,500
Patang Silver Earring - mohabygeetanjaliPatang Silver Earring - mohabygeetanjali

Patang Silver Earring

Rs. 4,000
Buy Chatra Silver EarringBuy Chatra Silver Earring

Chatra Silver Earring

Rs. 6,000
Shruti Silver Pendant Necklace - mohabygeetanjaliShruti Silver Pendant Necklace - mohabygeetanjali
Sold out

Shruti Silver Pendant Necklace

Rs. 6,000
Joy Silver Rings - mohabygeetanjaliJoy Silver Rings - mohabygeetanjali

Joy Silver Rings

Rs. 2,000
Ashtachakra Silver Bangle - mohabygeetanjaliAshtachakra Silver Bangle - mohabygeetanjali

Ashtachakra Silver Bangle

Rs. 8,000
Pestle Silver Beads Maangtika - mohabygeetanjaliPestle Silver Beads Maangtika - mohabygeetanjali

Pestle Silver Beads Maangtika

Rs. 5,800
Flower Silver Maangtika - mohabygeetanjaliFlower Silver Maangtika - mohabygeetanjali

Flower Silver Maangtika

Rs. 6,800
Buy Nirvana Silver EarringBuy Nirvana Silver Earring

Nirvana Silver Earring

Rs. 6,300
Buy Amarta Silver Earring - SmallBuy Amarta Silver Earring - Small

Amarta Silver Earring - Small

Rs. 2,500
Buy Rehan Silver EarringsBuy Rehan Silver Earrings
Sold out

Rehan Silver Earring - With Stone

Rs. 5,500
Buy Kumudh Silver EarringsBuy Kumudh Silver Earrings

Kumudh Silver Earring - Silver

Rs. 3,800
White Ghungru Septum Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjaliWhite Ghungru Septum Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjali
Sold out

White Ghungru Septum Silver Ring

Rs. 1,000
Green Stone Septum Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjaliGreen Stone Septum Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjali

Green Stone Septum Silver Ring

Rs. 1,000
Flower Septum Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjaliFlower Septum Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjali

Flower Septum Silver Ring

Rs. 1,000
Jalaj Silver Mangtika - mohabygeetanjaliJalaj Silver Mangtika - mohabygeetanjali

Jalaj Silver Mangtika

Rs. 5,500
Buy Amarta Silver Earring - BigBuy Amarta Silver Earring - Big

Amarta Silver Earring - Big

Rs. 6,000
Buy Darpan Silver EarringBuy Darpan Silver Earring

Darpan Silver Earring - Green

Rs. 2,000

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