We are a company born out of the passion of a young woman called Geetanjali Gondhale. While working for 10 years with multinational companies as an advertising design professional, she kept thinking and planning about pursuing her dream of designing and creating silver jewellery. She is well travelled and there is a great influence of nature and the tribes of India, their living and way of adornment in her designs. Slowly but steadily Geetanjali´s designs started taking a real form and Moha by Geetanjali was born. The name Moha is inspired by the “Mahua” tree that is considered as the “Kalpavriksha” (a tree that grants wishes) by one of the tribes in Madhya Pradesh, India.
Moha by Geetanjali
Started as a small venture in the year 2012 at her home in Goa, Moha grew leaps and bounds and moved to Mumbai in 2016. We have a studio in Thane, Mumbai, however, most of the sale happens online. We sell and ship our jewellery worldwide. The Goa Series based on the pre-Portuguese aesthetics of Goa was the first collection launched by us followed by the Harappa collection that was loved and admired by many. Ashtamangal, Maheshwar, Goonjan, Rati, Kosh are some of our collections that make you reminisce the art, sculptors, creatures found in nature and the Indian culture.
Jewellery is a very special concept to people, especially women. A piece of adornment, an heirloom, a priceless gift, a memory of a dear occasion etc jewellery has many meanings and sentiments. For many, a piece of jewellery is their second skin, something that they identify themselves with, something that tells their story. Many of our customers have confided in us that our jewellery makes them feel “themselves” and this feedback is priceless. Because, this is our mission, our dream behind all our creations. In a nutshell, we create “jewellery that reflects YOU”. 

Ethics at MOHA

We strive to make jewelry that blends the designs inspired by the ancient Indian culture with contemporary looks and usage. Being customer-centric, we continuously work on developing designs that are easy to wear for daily use. Many of our products for example lightweight earrings, ear-cuffs, small and comfortable cuffs, double rings, single strand necklace would vouch for the same. 

While making jewelry we have our customers in mind; at the same time, we care about the hands that create our designs, our artisans. We also think that it is our moral responsibility to take care of the environment. Hence, we have established some hygiene factors that we strictly adhere to.

  • We use only natural materials in our jewellery, which makes our jewellery sustainable for the ecology.
  • We strictly do not use harmful products like synthetic beads, charms, polymers, nylon, cadmium or Argentum (German Silver), which are harmful to human skin as well as the environment.
  • We make the jewellery that is free from metals like lead and nickel because they can emit fumes, which are detrimental for the health of our artisans. 
  • Our jewelry making process involves machines in the least possible way as we value and promote handcrafting of the jewelry.
  • Our artisans are encouraged to revive the indigenous ways of jewelry making; this helps to recreate the magic of ancient jewelry while creating a better earning opportunity for the artisans.
  • We motivate and facilitate our artisans to learn, adopt new technics and inform them about the ill effects of using synthetic and harmful metal alloys.
Moha is a family of the artisans who create the jewelry and the patrons for whom the jewelry is created. Creating exquisite jewelry ethically is Moha´s way of protecting its family.