Blueberry Mangalsutra by MohaBlueberry Mangalsutra by Moha
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Blueberry Mangalsutra by Moha

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Taaj Silver Mangalsutra By MohaTaaj Silver Mangalsutra By Moha
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Taaj Silver Mangalsutra By Moha

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Sadashiv Thali ChainSadashiv Thali Chain

Sadashiv Thali Chain

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Hingora Silver MangalsutraHingora Silver Mangalsutra
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Hingora Silver Mangalsutra

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Kadamba Pendant Silver MangalsutraKadamba Pendant Silver Mangalsutra
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Kadamba Pendant Silver Mangalsutra

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Puthali Silver MangalsutraPuthali Silver Mangalsutra
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Puthali Silver Mangalsutra

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Moti Silver MangalsutraMoti Silver Mangalsutra
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Moti Silver Mangalsutra

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Reha Silver MangalsutraReha Silver Mangalsutra

Reha Silver Mangalsutra

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Black Beaded Silver Fish NecklaceBlack Beaded Silver Fish Necklace
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Vartul Pendant Silver MangalsutraVartul Pendant Silver Mangalsutra
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Vartul Pendant Silver Mangalsutra

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Chittor Mangalsutra OnlineChittor Mangalsutra Online
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Chittor Silver Mangalsutra

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Palash Pendant Silver MangalsutraPalash Pendant Silver Mangalsutra
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Palash Pendant Silver Mangalsutra

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Floret Zirconia Silver MangalsutraFloret Zirconia Mangalsutra Online
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Floret Zirconia Silver Mangalsutra

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Mangalya Silver MangalsutraMangalya Silver Mangalsutra
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Mangalya Silver Mangalsutra

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Silver Mangalsutra

Silver Mangalsutra for a happy married life In India, women wear Mangalsutra (sacred thread) as the symbol of marriage. This was worn like a chain around the neck. This is a customary practice followed by women. It is also believed that wearing a Mangalsutra can extend the life of the husband. There are different ways and styles in which the Mangalsutra is worn. Women adorn these with pearls, precious stones, or metals.

Today, there are various designs of Mangalsutra including customized chains, silver mangalsutra, and more. You can find elegant silver Mangalsutra online on Moha by Geetanjali. This sacred thread is a symbol of honesty, integrity, and loyalty toward the husband. It is worn by the lady on the day of the wedding by the spouse.

The ceremony is auspicious and marks the beginning of wedlock for both. It is worn by the woman until the demise of her husband. This brings us to the significance of the Mangalsutra. This article will bring you the best silver Mangalsutra in the store for you.

Our range of silver Mangalsutra

Usually, a Mangalsutra is a combination of two threads with black beads and a pendant. Silver Mangalsutra is a wonderful piece to wear. It is both attractive and looks prestigious. Every custom follows a different style of mangalsutra.

Our designs do not compromise with the tradition yet look unique. This will look like a modern piece that will go well with both traditional and western outfits. So, you will not feel odd wearing a Mangalsutra with a modern dress. A touch of silver will make you look exotic.

We have many designs for you to choose from. Every single piece is crafted with silver with intricate workmanship. You can take a look at our range of silver Mangalsutra online. You can select your desired design and add it to the cart. It is delivered to you with utmost care and concern.

Matching accessories to the silver Mangalsutra

Silver is a beautiful metal that can be worn. There are several ways to create silver accessories and jewellery. We have oxidized silver, polished silver, and silver combined with precious stones. Enamel painting and gold-plated silver are other options. We have a variety of silver jewellery that you can find on our website.

You can also find a range of jewellery matching your silver Mangalsutra. There are toe rings, finger rings, Nath and nose pins. All these accessories are elements of jewellery worn especially by married women. So, matching these along with designs similar to the silver Mangalsutra will make you look fascinating.

Matching earrings with a Mangalsutra is a new trend these days. You can mix and match earrings that are similar to the Mangalsutra. This helps to create a unique style for yourself. You can also prefer removable pendants and matching earrings. Also, silver accessories are perfect for all women.

Silver has the capability to attract positivity and good energy. This will complement the purpose of a Mangalsutra too. A Mangalsutra is something that is worn lifelong and silver is the optimal option.

Choosing a silver Mangalsutra

Moha by Geetanjali is providing you with various styles of Mangalsutra. You can choose the right one for your wedding or replace an obsolete one with a silver Mangalsutra.

• Match your needs
To begin, select the size of Mangalsutra you want to wear. It could be small, long, short, or large. Nowadays, women like to wear short Mangalsutra with a fancy and attractive pendant. This goes well with expensive pendants made of diamonds, pearls, and precious stones.
You can also go for the conventional and traditional long Mangalsutra. This is classy and aesthetic too. Most women will prefer a lightweight pendant. This is easy to wear every day without difficulty. Some customs prefer a heavy pendant that reflects their heritage.

• Beads and pendant
The beads are the essence of any Mangalsutra design. You can combine the regular black beads with a few silver beads too. This will add a monochromatic effect to the Mangalsutra design. You can match these beads with the pendant design.
A complete silver pendant will look the best. This can also be complemented with colored silver or studded silver construction. The pendant design can either be heavy or lightweight. Heavy pendants are long and come with hangings. This will look grand and comes with intricate construction. Lightweight pendants are small and simple. This will include a lightweight construction with fewer details.

• Occasional choice of mangalsutra
Another way to choose a silver Mangalsutra is with the occasion. You may be a working woman, but then a lightweight Mangalsutra will be perfect. A short-length Mangalsutra is a good choice too. This will be comfortable for your busy schedule and everyday work. This is a good choice for daily use. For festivals and special occasions, you can buy large Mangalsutras too. New brides can get heavy and intricate Mangalsutras.
A Mangalsutra is a symbol of commitment and a long-lasting bond. Nowadays, women look for Mangalsutra designs according to fashion. Moha by Geetanjali has a beautiful collection of silver Mangalsutra online. All these jewellery pieces come with a hallmark and guarantee. You can buy the one that you like from our online silver store.