Silver Mangalsutra

For a long time the Mangalsutra has been adorned by the Hindu woman after marriage, ever wondered what it means? ‘Mangal’ means ‘sacred’ and “Sutra” means ‘thread’, hence mangalsutra is a scared thread of eternal bond and love between a couple.

We at Moha by Geetanjali understand the significance of a mangalsutra and hence we present to you “Moha”, a series of Pure Silver Mangalsutra online. The pendant designs are rooted not only in tradition but also narrate stories of their own, making these Mangalsutra’s sophisticated and stylish.

These Silver Mangalsutras primarily differ from the common pendants as they are not only a treat to the eyes but a statement of elegance. Crafted intricately with pure Silver and cultural motifs giving this timeless ornament a fresh meaning and making our ties deeper with the land and our love.

Let’s have a look at the different silver mangalsutra designs Moha offers.

Hingora Silver Mangalsutra

The conch shell motif is the inspiration behind this alluring Hingora pendant. Moha has used the spiral conch along with coral beads making this pure silver mangalsutra a style statement for everyday use. Check out more details about Hingora Silver Mangalsutra here.

Tribal Queen Silver Mangalsutra

The Goan tribal goddess of fertility ‘Kelbai’ influenced this pendant design. She is depicted holding a banana flower making it graceful and intriguing. This pendant is an everyday piece to style up your looks. Check out more details about Tribal Queen Silver Mangalsutra here.

Palash Pendant Silver Mangalsutra

Vibrant green and black meenakari adorn this pure silver mangalsutra influenced by the rich tribal art. Team it up with any accessory or wear it solo, it will definitely leave an impression. Adding this unique pendant to your collection will surely draw attention. Check out more details about Palash Pendant Silver Mangalsutra here.

Puthali Silver Mangalsutra

The Thali which is round in shape, inspires the pendant of this pure silver mangalsutra making it simple yet attractive. This motif embodies the Hindu culture and has been embellished with coral beads making it suitable for any casual. Check out more details about Puthali Siver Mangalsutra here.

Saraswati Silver Pendant Necklace Small / Big

Saraswati the Hindu goddess of knowledge is one of the supreme deities in the Hindu culture; ‘Saras’ means flow and ‘wati’ means a woman, meaning, ‘the woman, who has the flow’. Moha crafted this beautiful necklace dedicated to the holy goddess. The pendant which is the motif of the goddess is available in two sizes small and big and can be paired up with either traditional or casuals. Check out more details about Saraswati Siver Pendant Necklace Small/Big here.

Floret Zirconia Silver Mangalsutra

Pink Zirconia stones and freshwater pearls embellish The floret pendant. This exquisite necklace is a classic due to its use of pearls and goes well with or without other pieces of ornaments. This silver Mangal Sutra epitomizes the real beauty of a woman. Check out more details about Tribal Floret Zirconia Siver Mangalsutra here.

Thali Silver Mangalsutra with Rubellite Stone

Moha has created the traditional Thali motif into this beautiful silver chain pendant. Inspired by Tamil Nadu which is known for its temples and architecture. The shape of the thali pendant is said to be derived from the form of Vishnu’s feet. It is set with a faceted rubellite stone. This pendant is made from silver sheet over a substructure, with silver granulation work and other decoration. Check out more details about Thali Siver Mangalsutra with Rubellite Stone here.

Chittor Silver Mangalsutra

The Chittor fort of Rajasthan inspired this Mangalsutra. The aesthetics of the subtle design have been blended to create this exotic necklace. Layer this with other accessories to intensify the look.

Hence if you’re looking to buy silver mangalsutra online Moha’s range of pure silver mangalsutra are true classics. Along with being Value for money the immaculate Indian craftsmanship on each piece is exceptional. The designs balance the heritage of our culture and the contemporary style giving each pendant a distinct poise and character. Silver mangalsutra online shopping was never this rewarding! Check out more details about Chittor Siver Mangalsutra here.