Choosing Silver Earrings According to Face Shapes

Choosing Silver Earrings According to Face Shapes

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Silver Earrings are a perfect way to elevate your look and outfit. They give a finishing touch to your look. Silver earrings are a must accessory for every party. Therefore, it becomes necessary to choose a pair of earrings that suits your face shape. We have brought you a perfect guide to buy the best silver earrings according to your face shape.

Your accessories must always complement your personality and outfit. Silver earrings can enhance your natural beauty and give you a unique look. To know your face shape, pull back your hair, and make a ponytail. Analyze your face's shape and go through a collection of silver earrings based on the face shape. It is always recommended to choose earrings that are opposite to your facial features.

Choice of Earrings According to the Face Shape

The round shape of the face:
For a round face, dangled and chandelier earrings go well as they elongate the face and make it look thinner. All kinds of dangling and teardrop earrings will look good on your face. You should avoid wearing round earrings, as they will make your face look more round. Earrings that have a sleek shape and are long in size can be your perfect picks. Check out our range of silver earrings online.

The square shape of the face:
As already told, earrings that are opposite to your features will look good on your face. Therefore, if you have a square-shaped face, you must go with round shape earrings. Earrings that have a rounded edge and curves will look elegant on your face. It will help you to soften the sharp angles on your face. Also, you must avoid wearing large earrings.

The oval shape of the face:
Women who have an oval-shaped face are the luckiest. You are not restricted to any particular shape of earrings and can have all types of earrings in your jewelry box. You can match any silver earrings with your outfits.

Rectangle or long shape of the face:
Short but heavy earrings are the best choice for women who have long shaped faces. These earrings will add softness to your face. Also, you should avoid wearing long earrings as they will make your face look longer.

Now that you know, it's time to stop by a collection of silver earrings. Silver earrings can also be a perfect gift for a special one. You can choose from a variety of danglers, studs, and hoops from Silver Jewellery Online shop.

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