Jewellery Cleaning Tips for Post Holi Celebration

Jewellery Cleaning Tips for Post Holi Celebration

The most exciting aspect of an outfit has always been jewellery and accessories. This has not changed for aeons. Since Holi's all about the subtle hues, it is important to suit the day's theme and to choose gems to complement the event and, at the same time, to make a woman wear good enough.

It would help if you purified this jewellery after the holiday. This is a way to clean up your jewel after a festival.


  • Although the hard-core tarnish might not be reliable, it is a good way to clean silver jewellery if lighter layers are removed.


  • Vinegar almost cleans, but particularly perfect for gold and gemstones.  
  • Put it into a jar or bowl with just white vinegar and cover the jewellery which you want to clean fully.


  • Toothpaste is a very powerful cleaner of jewels and is an excellent alternative for your on-the-go jewellery cleaning. 
  • To make a loose paste, apply a tablespoon of warm water and an inch of toothpaste.

Boil your Jewellery

  • Like fine jewellery, not all jewellery can be boiled, but boiling water can be used on solid gold. 
  • Before placing it in boiling water, make sure no components are stuck    together and that the gold does not get cold. 
  • This solution works better for uncleaned products.


  • You also sparkle your jewels with the antacids you take for heartburn. 
  • Use antacids such as witch hazel that acts as a smooth solution because they clean the jewellery and bubble.


Aluminium foil

  • By brushing with aluminium foil, clean silver jewellery tarnished. 
  • Cover the tray with a clean piece of foil and spread your gems over it. It is the ideal way to clean silver at home. 
  • On each piece of jewellery sprinkle backing soda so that each piece is sealed.

Soap and water 

  • It is suitable for cleaning porous and soft stones such as turquoises or pearls. 
  • Combine two warm water cups with three gentle detergent or dish soap goodies.

Alka Seltzer

  • Alka Seltzer cleanses and sparkles your diamond rings like new.

Lemon juice 

  • This procedure works well for light tarnish when cleaning silver jewellery at home. 
  • A fantastic solution if your bling is to shine.


Clean jewels with an excellent jewellery cleaner are often given a commercial option. This helps you to enjoy this opportunity wholeheartedly with your family and friends, without thinking about the consequences of your valuable adornments. Check out some great designer silver jewellery at Moha By Geetanjali.

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