4 Silver Jewellery You Can Wear Every Day

4 Silver Jewellery You Can Wear Every Day

Silver jewelry is something that everyone likes to wear. They can be worn on any occasion and can be paired with both Western and traditional dresses. Wearing a good pair of silver sets can make you look attractive and boost your confidence. One can choose the best quality of silver pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings, bangles, and other ornaments made from silver at Moha by Geetanjali.

Here are the 4 silver jewellery for every day wear:


In this mangalsutra, the Hingora pendants have been inspired by the design of a conch shell motif. Moha has used this motif along with the addition of coral stones to bring out the mangalsutra. It is designed to give you a feeling of unique ornament that will help you give a different look and add a charm to your personality. Check out Hingora mangalsutra here & more designer silver mangalsutra online.


 Rings are something that will add a difference to your overall look. It will make you stand out from others and make people notice your beautiful fingers adorned with this beautiful silver ring. Ganesha stands for good fortune and protection and holds an irreplaceable place in everyone's hearts. The design is a unique creation from the brand. Check out Ganesha silver finger ring here.



These would be earrings that show the structure of a mythical bird whose wings out and heads bent. It is a gorgeous creation from the brand and will give your outfit a unique and heavy look. Check out Aras Silver Earrings here & more designer silver earrings online.


This silver bugadi, gives a stunning look to your ears. Bugadis gives you the power and confident look, also making you look different from others. If you are bored with those simple bugadi, try these. Check out Surya silver bugadi here & more designer silver bugadi online.
So these were some of the best designer silver jewellery that you can shop at Moha by Geetanjali. These are designed to give you a unique and outstanding look when paired with any attire.

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