Moti Silver Bugadi, Pierced - mohabygeetanjaliMoti Silver Bugadi, Pierced - mohabygeetanjali

Moti Silver Bugadi, Pierced

Rs. 3,200
Trika Silver Bugadi,PiercedTrika Silver Bugadi,Pierced
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Trika Silver Bugadi, Pierced

Rs. 3,000
Surya Silver Bugadi, Pierced - Big - mohabygeetanjaliSurya Silver Bugadi, Pierced - Big - mohabygeetanjali
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Surya Silver Bugadi, Pierced

Rs. 2,800 Rs. 3,500

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Medha Silver Bugadi, Pierced-Small - mohabygeetanjaliMedha Silver Bugadi, Pierced-Small - mohabygeetanjali
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Medha Silver Bugadi, Pierced - Small

Rs. 2,200 Rs. 3,000

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Chakra Silver Bugadi, Clip On - mohabygeetanjaliChakra Silver Bugadi, Clip On - mohabygeetanjali

Chakra Silver Bugadi, Clip On

Rs. 3,400
Som Silver Bugadi, Pierced - mohabygeetanjaliSom Silver Bugadi, Pierced - mohabygeetanjali

Som Silver Bugadi, Pierced

Rs. 3,500
Chakra Silver Bugadi, Pierced - mohabygeetanjaliChakra Silver Bugadi, Pierced - mohabygeetanjali

Chakra Silver Bugadi, Pierced

Rs. 3,400


Before you buy a silver bugadi online, know what exactly bugadi is and from where is it originated.

So, starting up with Bollywood, while watching historical movies based on the Maratha kingdom, you must have noticed that the women of the Maratha families wear a small earring on the top of their ear, which is called bugadi. Bugadi is an important part of Maharashtrian jewellery. It is a type of small earring which made up of skin-friendly material so you don't need to worry about any allergies or rashes while wearing these earrings. One can also wear them on a regular basis.

The traditional Bugadi is a unique ornament which is worn on the upper rim of the ear that is the earlobe. These ornaments were made in gold originally and were studded in precious stones or pearls for additional beauty. The Bugadi has two parts which are joined with a gold or silver wire. The earlobe has to be pierced and the two parts lay on either side of the ear. The bugadi is made up of a thin and long hollow pipe and a screw.


The Matsakanya Silver Bugadi

This design of a bugadi is in the shape of a Matsa which means a fish. This earring is in a structure of a fish and is beautifully designed to suit on your traditional look.

The Paankhi Silver Bugadi

This Bugadi shows the structure of a bird flying. As Moha’s designs are nature-based, its design includes various shapes of birds and other creatures of Mother Nature.

The Surya Silver Bugadi

This bugadi is in the shape of the sun. The earring is designed in the structure of the sun, which goes best with the traditional Marathi look.

There are many more designs available on Moha’s website, so if you looking for a silver Bugadi online, have a look at Moha’s collection.


The way women carry their bugadi is still the same over the years, but the designs have evolved with time. The changes in the trend are visible when it comes to the sizes of a bugadi, its designs and patterns, the options of wearing it etc. During the old days, when women used to look after the household, bugadis were quite heavier in weight.

As the women of our country evolved to being working ladies from being housewives, the sizes and weight of the bugadi slowly changed to small pieces that were more comfortable for daily usage. Bugadis have also changed in the terms of metals they are made up of.

The typical Maharashtrian bugadis were only made in precious metals and stones like gold, pearls, diamonds, etc. But today the trend has changed, and bugadis are now available in various materials which are lighter in weight and can be worn by women on a daily basis.


You can buy Silver Bugadi Online by choosing the best design that will suit you and your attire. Moha by Geetanjali has a huge collection of Bugadis that no other brand could offer you. Do check them all.