5 Reasons to Go for Silver Jewellery over Gold

5 Reasons to Go for Silver Jewellery over Gold

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Silver is the third most expensive metal that is used for making ornaments. Silver jewellery is easy to repair and polish. People who have an allergy to other metals can opt to wear silver jewellery without worrying about any skin trouble. Jewellery designers prefer to use silver metal as it is an excellent blend of durability, elegance, and malleability.

Let’s have a look at five benefits of buying silver jewellery over gold.

Here are 5 Reasons to go for Silver Jewellery


Silver jewellery like silver earrings and bracelets are lighter in weight. They can be worn for an extended amount of time. Gold jewellery is heavier as compared to silver jewellery. Therefore, if you wear gold jewellery for a long period, you can face neck and back pain. Also, wearing heavy gold earrings can damage your ear lobes too.

Hard to damage:

Silver is tough as compared to gold. Gold is soft and more prone to bending. If you are a silver jewellery fan then you must visit Moha by Geetanjali, to find some exclusive collections of silver jewellery online.


Silver ornaments compliments any clothing. White shining of silver goes with all types of clothing. Silver jewellery can uplift your look and outfit and give you an edge in style. In past few months is also an increase in the demand for silver finger rings online. Silver ornaments look good with all skin tones.


Silver jewellery is healthier. Silver ornaments have more positive effects than gold ornaments. Silver jewellery keeps your blood vessels elastic and also aids in bone formation.


Silver jewellery is affordable than gold jewellery. These days’ people are leaning towards buying silver jewellery because of its wide range of exclusive designs. Silver is always considered as an alternative to gold due to its price.

These are some benefits of silver jewellery over gold one. Designer silver jewellery such as anklets, studs, and many more are always a better option than its gold contemporaries. You can also check for a great variety of silver earrings online at Moha by Geetanjali. 


Silver is also a malleable and ductile metal. However, a new trend is witnessed in 2020, where putting both silver and gold to bring new unique ornaments. So next time, you must keep in mind the above-given points before taking decision on buying any jewellery. Our Exclusive collection of Silver jewellery increases your self-confidence and makes your occasion extra special.

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