Types of traditional maharashtrian jewellery

Top 5 Types of Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery for any Occasion

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Jewellery is close to every woman’s heart. Every state’s culture in India is distinguished by the jewellery that has been ancient and been loved and adorned for ages! Maharashtrian women are proud to carry on the tradition of wearing the old designs of jewellery. But what happens mostly is that not all gold jewellery goes very well with the various types of attires. Designer Silver Jewellery comes as a saviour when you want to wear authentic traditional designs with a twist. Silver jewellery is more affordable compared to the authentic traditional gold jewellery. Silver jewellery is also easy to maintain and never goes out of style. The original designs are retained so that the essence of it is not lost in the new creation.

If one has to pick top 5 types of traditional Maharashtrian jewellery it would certainly be in this order -

1. Bugadi 
Bugadi online shopping is easily possible because there are many designs on the internet for sale. But when you are aware of the original design and authenticity of Bugadi jewellery only then can one buy it without doubting. Bugadi is worn on the helix of the ear, originally it was designed using pearls. Now, there are many variations available, bugadis are made in silver too. Traditionally bugadis were worn on nine-yard sarees on special occasions.

2. Nath (Nose Ring)
Nath is authentically made in pearls and gems / stones, now it has been experimented in different ways with silver. Nose (Nath) rings are easily available online in different sizes and designs. Silver nose rings are a great piece of jewellery to have as they go with Indian ethnic and western wear both. It was traditionally worn on a nine yard saree.

3. Kudya (earrings)
Kudi is traditionally made of pearls and gold, it is designed to look like a flower. If you are looking for silver earrings online that are of Maharashtrian style you can look for Kudi. They are also designed in silver now and go with any kind of Indian wear. The original designs were always designed with threading at the stem of the earring to achieve a balance in the design and also minimized the chance of falling off. But the modern designs are not as heavy as the original one and so are easy to wear press earrings.

4. Kolhapuri Saaj -
Kolhapuri Saaj is a very popular piece of jewellery in Maharashtra. It is originally from Kolhapur. Also can be traced for its origin in Belgaum and other southern parts of Maharashtra. It is a beautiful and rich quite long and intricately designed necklace piece. It is carved skilfully with 21 leaves, two emeralds and two stones of a ruby. This olden and rich necklace piece of jewellery depicts the grandeur of the times in which they were first made.

5. Tanmani -
Tanmani is a type of choker. The necklace is made with beautiful pearls and gem. The main pendant is stunningly and intricately designed in shinning gems, it is laced with delicate pearls. The pendant is attached to multiple strings of pearls making the piece rich in every sense.

The above-mentioned pieces are the top five types of traditional Maharashtrian jewellery, but there are numerous other pieces of jewellery in Maharashtra that are equally famous like chooda (green bangles worn at the time of wedding), mohan maal, putli haar, etc. All these traditional designs are now creatively designed so that they are affordable and go well with Indian and western wear. Apart from special occasions like Diwali and marriage, the silver jewellery made based on original Maharashtrian designs can be worn on a number of attires.

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