Choosing nose rings to suit your face types

How to Choose Nose Rings to Suit Your Face Type

Nose rings may it be a silver nose ring or a pearl and gold ring, they are a piece of jewellery a woman must own. It can change the look of your face in an instant. When you do not want to look too dressy and avoid wearing too much jewellery, a simple silver nose pin can be your go-to piece of jewellery. It can give you a chic look without being too loud.

Silver nose pins or silver nose rings are available online in a variety of designs and styles. With the search words ‘Nath online’ (a nose ring in Marathi)or ‘Silver nose ring online’ you will be able to see all sorts of traditional designs along with the new and modern designs specially made to suit today’s fashion. With the right choice of designer silver jewellery to go with a perfect type of nose ring, you can make a statement with your look!

How to choose Nose Rings to suit your face type? That is one question that pops in our heads when we think of experimenting to wear the nose pin or nose ring. Here are a few factors you should consider when you buy one for yourself -

1. Studs
Nose studs essentially go with every shape. If your nose is broad then you can go for a bigger nose stud that has a stone in it. If your nose is narrow then you can go for a smaller stud. A nose stud looks good on any type of attire, Indian or western. That is one great advantage to buy nose studs, you can always sport one without worrying much about what type of clothes will go with it.

2. Hoops
Hoops look better if you have a narrow long nose. They would not go well with a broad nose. Hoop nose rings come in various sizes and designs, some bigger ones with diamonds and pearls go amazingly well with traditional outfits, they are perfect for special occasions and marriages. Smaller, simpler hoop nose pins go well with tops, Kurtis and tunics, and also t-shirts depending upon their designs. Silver nose rings look good on western as well as Indian attires.

3. Septum rings
Septum nose rings certainly are for the women who want to make a statement when they enter a room. Septum rings look good on any type of face shape. All you really need is the fashion sense and confidence to carry it. They come in various designs, some very prominent and some simple and delicate. You can choose your pick depending on the occasion you are dressing for. They can be worn with piercing too, making them handy and easy to wear.

4. Bali
This type of nose ring must be worn on prominent noses. Mainly this is a heavy type of jewellery so one needs a prominent nose in order to carry it. That is the reason it is worn moreover on special occasions significantly on traditional attires.

With different nose rings, you can create different looks for yourself, every nose ring is unique and it brings a brand new vibe to your personality. So if you have been hesitating to buy one for yourself, go for it and flaunt your amazing new look. The main plus point about wearing nose rings is that you can wear them without any special occasion, they look trendy, pretty and make you look pleasantly different without doing a lot. Be it hoop ring or stud, go buy it and you will thank yourself for sure!

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