Urja Silver Nose Pin - Pierced Urja Silver Nose Pin - Pierced

Urja Silver Nose Pin - Pierced

Rs. 1,000
Flower Septum Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjaliFlower Septum Silver Ring - mohabygeetanjali
Sold out

Flower Septum Silver Ring

Rs. 1,000
Yami Silver Nosepin, PiercingYami Silver Nosepin, Piercing

Yami Silver Nosepin, Piercing

Rs. 1,000
Akira Silver Nosepin, PiercingAkira Silver Nosepin, Piercing
Sold out
QueenFly Silver Nosepin, PiercingQueenFly Silver Nosepin, Piercing
Sold out
Kiran Silver Nosepin, PiercingKiran Silver Nosepin, Piercing

Kiran Silver Nosepin, Piercing

Rs. 1,000
Urja Silver Nose Pin - Clip OnUrja Silver Nose Pin - Clip On - mohabygeetanjali

Urja Silver Nose Pin - Clip On

Rs. 1,000
Ramya Silver Nosepin, PiercingRamya Silver Nosepin, Piercing

Ramya Silver Nosepin, Piercing

Rs. 1,000
Chand Silver Nosepin, CliponChand Silver Nosepin, Clipon

Chand Silver Nosepin, Clipon

Rs. 1,000
Naksh Silver Nosepin, PiercingNaksh Silver Nosepin, Piercing

Naksh Silver Nosepin, Piercing

Rs. 1,000
Mahe Silver Nosepin, CliponMahe Silver Nosepin, Clipon

Mahe Silver Nosepin, Clipon

Rs. 800
Noor Silver Nosepin , PiercingNoor Silver Nosepin , Piercing

Noor Silver Nosepin , Piercing

Rs. 1,000
Naksh Silver Nosepin, Clip onNaksh Silver Nosepin, Clip on

Naksh Silver Nosepin, Clip on

Rs. 1,000
Diva Silver Nosepin, CliponDiva Silver Nosepin, Clipon

Diva Silver Nosepin, Clipon

Rs. 800

Dazzling and Exquisite Silver Nose Rings

Jewellery, one of the most ancient forms of ornamentation and beautification, is also an indispensable part of a woman’s attire. Symbolic of your wealth and status, jewellery dominates a significant part of the traditional Indian fashion. Among all kinds of jewellery, nose rings and pins have influenced a majority of the Indian culture. Nose rings hold a momentous value in the Indian wedding culture. Different societies possess different styles and designs of nose rings and pins, which are representative of their unique perceptions of beauty.

The two metals that dominate the jewellery market in the present times are gold and silver. Since the investment requirements for gold is high, it tends to become more of a collectable item. Silver, on the other hand, is a more practical choice and also portrays a more charismatic appeal. Silver nose rings, therefore, is an excellent way to get that quirky look, which can be a head-turner and earn you the praising gazes of the people.

A shiny silver nose ring can undoubtedly make any traditional Indian dress classier. Your everyday outfit can be made to radiate ethnic vibes, through the introduction of some silver. Some people are sensitive to certain elements and might get an allergic reaction from artificial jewellery. For such people, a silver nose ring can be a great option affordable and safe option.

Explore the unique and sophisticated collection

If you are looking for the latest and trendy silver jewellery, then you can choose from the wide range of options available on our website. Moha by Geetanjali acquire one of the largest and the best silver jewellery collection. Many attractive designs, colours and sizes are available with us at the best and affordable market prices. Our collection is very high-quality and authentic and we guarantee a 100% genuine purchase.

Elegant and premium Silver Nose Rings

Present times are all about mixing. The fusion of Indian and western wear, popularly known as the Indo- Western wear, cannot be visualized without the introduction of jewellery. Necklaces, earrings, bangles and bracelets all are included in this process and if you wish for a more subtle look, then you can definitely opt for a nose ring.

Nose rings recently rose as a popular fashion staple and are now being adopted by many fashion gurus to emphasize a more tribal look. Different design nose rings are extensively worn by people as this trendy aspect goes well with both traditional as well as western-style. If you prefer silver as your metal, then you can invest in some silver nose rings. These are available in a variety of styles and designs. Different sizes are also available as per your preferences. Silver nose rings for every occasion are available in our forum to suit your requirements and demands.

Alluring collection of Silver Nose Pins

We also occupy a decent silver nose pin collection. Some people like the more simplistic approach of a nose pin. Tiny nose pins can be hard to handle and if you have happened to misplace your nose pin, then you can check out our inventory. We have silver nose ring pins in a variety of sizes, designs and orientation. You can choose from numerous available options, and select the one that goes best with your style.

Legitimate and Pure Silver Nose Rings

For those people, who are looking for a pure silver nose ring, Moha By Geetanjali is the one that you can trust. Authentic and pure silver nose ring can be really hard to find and also the chances of being duped are high. To save yourself from any such mishaps, you can invest in our collection. We promise 100% pure jewellery, with the best designs in the market. Our designers are expert and well-versed in analyzing the latest market trends. Our amazing designs will definitely bless you with compliments from your friends, and if you are looking for a perfect gift, then what can be better than a silver nose ring!

Perfect and appealing collection online

In the contemporary age of the internet, the online purchase has emerged out to be a very successful and expansive venture. Nowadays, every particular commodity, that you can possibly imagine, is available online. Therefore, jewellery definitely cannot be excluded from the online shopping culture.

Since every aspect has positive as well as the negative sides, online shopping also is not unaffected by several short-comings. The cases of fraudulence, quality, un-authenticity, damaged goods etc. are common. Therefore, it is highly advised that you invest in a trusted source only.

If you are searching for a silver nose ring online, then we highly recommend that you avail the services from Moha By Geetanjali. We ensure exceptional customer service along with a 100% genuine purchase. Our networks and employees can be trusted, and we provide certified options. Any problem can be negotiated, and our 24*7 customer services will always prioritize your concerns.