Types of Bridal Nath for wedding

Top 6 Types of Bridal Nath’s to Exhibit at Your Wedding

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For every girl, her wedding day is the most awaited day of your life. She has imagined how she wants to look on the day and when the date is fixed she begins her journey of finding the right dress, jewellery, footwear, etc. There are several occasions before and after the wedding, so the looks can be as many as there are special events. Designer silver jewellery can definitely be part of the wedding collection! Nose ring or Morni is one of the jewellery pieces without which a bride doesn’t look like a bride!
Nath or Nose Rings are a must to complete the wedding day look for you. There are innumerable designs and types available in the market today. Designers are experimenting with different types of metals, and silver is one metal in which this traditional piece of jewellery looks equally good. You can either for a traditional design or a very modern design depending upon the rest of the look. It is a great piece of jewellery to own and even has a collection of.

Here are types of nose rings that would look perfect for a wedding day -

1. Traditional Maharashtrian Nath
This traditional piece of jewellery can be worn on heavy traditional sarees, along with gold jewellery. Buying a Marathi Nath online can be possible or you could also go for a gold Nath, an expensive choice but worth investing considering you could use it often even later. Maharashtrian nose ring can also be available in silver. Searching for a Silver nose ring online can give you an idea of a lot of available designs. ‘Nath online’ can be a perfect search to check out a variety of naths/ nose rings. The best part of these naths or nose pins is that they are available as clipons too.

2. Vintage Nose Ring
A vintage nose ring is intricately carved piece of jewellery that is made with pearls and gems. It can go with rich and elegant pearl jewellery and looks great, classy and delicate at the same time. This could be a great choice for your wedding day!

3. Nose Studs
Studs can go well with any kind of attire. They are great for an evening function before or after your wedding day. They are made with diamonds, gems in gold plating, there are many designs in studs that come in silver, they give a minimalistic classy look.

4. Stone Crusted Nose Ring
If you have a long nose, this ring is for you. The stone crusted ring is elegant and stylish to go with Indian attire. It is not loud but makes a statement. Pure silver nose ring can also be available in this and look equally amazing.

5. Nose gold ring with gold chain
This traditional looking ring can be perfect for your wedding. It is minimalistic yet gives a rich look. It is made with pearl and gold combination. These nose rings or nose pins are available as clipons too.

6. Hoop Nose Ring
This ring goes perfectly well with heavy jhumkas and necklaces. These rings are made with gold, pearls and gems. This could be a great choice for your wedding day!

Wearing a nath or a nose ring can look very classy and make you feel royal too. You want your wedding day to be perfect in every sense, so the jewellery you pick is a very important part of your list. You can check on all the types of designs are available before you freeze on your choice of nose pin.

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