10 Fashionable Silver Jewellery for the Festive Season in 2021

10 Fashionable Silver Jewellery for the Festive Season in 2021

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The holiday season is almost around the horizon, which means it's time to bring out the glitter and glitz. Silver jewellery is a terrific option for the holiday season because of its calm tones and range of designs. The following are ten pieces of fashionable silver jewellery that you must have in your jewellery collection this holiday season:


A silver pendant and chain


To get a chick appearance, you need a silver chain and a silver pendant. Wear it with a simple suit and relaxed hair. For the holiday season, a dark shade on top of the charm will make it stand out.




To make a lady elegant and lovely, a woman should wear earrings. Consistently, an earring expresses beauty and whimsy in its unique manner. Earrings, especially in India, symbolize a woman's delicate and pure nature, and wearing them indicates her love and pleasure. A girl's gorgeous face is enhanced by the sparkle and brilliance that designer silver jewellery earrings provide to the atmosphere during the holiday season. Check out the exclusive collections of Silver Earrings by Moha.



People in Maharashtrian culture use the traditional folk earphone known as Bugadi. They give you a beautiful and bold style that expresses your perfect attitude and the power of your personality. It's a fantastic piece of holiday jewellery. Check out the exclusive collections of Bugadi.




Rings are a symbol of devotion and commitment. There is love in their voice. Your love and emotions will never fade away from your life, thanks to the eternal jewellery you wear. Silver jewellery, particularly finger rings carved with various stones or diamonds, will reflect your monarchy and enhance your trust in eternal life. Check out the exclusive collections of Silver Rings.


A toe ring


These have stood the test of time, but their significance has never diminished.


The toe ring is made of a material that is delicate enough to protect your sensitive fingertips. A wide selection of fine silver antique jewellery is available for purchase online. Check out the exclusive collections of Silver Toe Rings.


Nose pins


Every generation of ladies who want to carry the Indian culture on their gorgeous faces and seductive smiles is a fan of the nose piercing trend. The softest spark for enhancing your attractiveness and showcasing it is a nose pin for the rest of your life. Just a modest piece of our jewellery may do wonders and brighten a girl's eyes. Check out the exclusive collections of Silver Nose Pins.




You'll feel like royalty when you wear the silver necklace, which was created and made to enhance your beauty. Check out the exclusive collections of Silver Necklace.



It is the first sign and indication of a newlywed's marital status. Reflects the values of both the lady and her long-term companion. 


Silver Anklet


In India, a silver anklet is one of the most famous pieces of celebratory jewellery. If you're attending a holiday party, this accessory is sure to liven up your attire. Check out our exclusive collections of Silver Anklet.




For people who like simple jewellery, a Bracelet is a good option. Every woman's accessory collection should include a bracelet.


Wrapping up,


It's no longer necessary to go to a jewellery store to get silver jewellery; it's now possible to buy it all online. The jewellery industry is no exception to the rule as the internet continues to evolve and revolve. At Moha by Geetanjali, you can shop for the most beautiful jewellery at the most inexpensive rates and have it delivered to you in a matter of minutes.

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