10 Types of Mangalsutra Every Woman Must Have

10 Types of Mangalsutra Every Woman Must Have

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With the paced-up fashion and trends where people catch up season's fad swiftly, some Indian women are still stuck in the bygone way of designing their Mangalsutra and don't know how to style them with the ongoing vogue. And you are already familiar that the former praxis of wearing Mangalsutra does no really go with western outfits.

Nonetheless, do you know you can have various types of Mangalsutra and style them according to your outfits? You will be amazed to know that the majority of brides prefer Mangalsutra made from actual silver Jewellery.

So in the article, you will get to know the types of Mangalsutra every woman must- have. So without any further ado, let's take a gander.

1. Silver Mangalsutra - A basic silver Mangalsutra is a must-have for every married Indian woman. It can enhance any ethnic costume and will make you look charming overall.

2. Silver Mangalsutra bracelet - A Silver Mangalsutra bracelet, if you don't have this piece, is missing out. This can prop any looks be it your pajama, an adorable dress, or Indian wear.

3. Customized Mangalsutra - A customized Mangalsutra where you can have your partner's name on it, the chain will have black beads all around it, and the pendant in the center. It can literally go with many outfits.

4. Multi-colored Mangalsutra - A multi-colored Mangalsutra that is available in various fusions of colors can be paired with coordinated dresses and costumes.

5. Kundan Mangalsutra - A Kundan Mangalsutra looks classy and gives a glorious glow to your whole look by enhancing your accessorizing sense. In general, also Kundan jewelry has a different charm in it.

6. Mangalsutra with a single layer of beads chain - A simple Mangalsutra with a single layer of beads chain with a very small one stone pendant is perfect for everyday wear and can also get along with your party outings and everyday looks.

7. Layered Mangalsutra - A layered Mangalsutra is a true party wear jewel; it comes in heavy jewelry and can help you flaunt your look.

8. Mangalsutra ring - A Mangalsutra ring is for someone who does not really like the idea of wearing a neckpiece but still wants Mangalsutra as a part of their ornaments. However, anyone can wear it.

9. Diamond Mangalsutra - A diamond Mangalsutra is another necessary kind of piece you must have. It gives more of a classy look and can go both with ethnic and western fits.

10. Silver pearl Mangalsutra - A silver pearl Mangalsutra has pearl beads in the middle or center part with the regular black beads chain. They look fancy and can be styled in various ways.

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