Paisley Silver Hasli by MohaPaisley Silver Hasli by Moha

Paisley Silver Hasli by Moha

Rs. 9,900
Buti Silver Necklace By MohaButi Silver Necklace By Moha

Buti Silver Necklace By Moha

Rs. 4,000
Akriti Filigree NecklaceAkriti Filigree Necklace
Sold out

Akriti Filigree Necklace

Rs. 40,000
Naag Chaitanya Silver Pendant NecklaceNaag Chaitanya Silver Pendant Necklace
8% Discount

Naag Chaitanya Silver Pendant Necklace

Rs. 9,000 Rs. 9,800

You save 8%

Navratna Mala By MohaNavratna Mala By Moha

Navratna Mala By Moha

Rs. 17,000
William Morris - Blossom Silver Necklace by MohaWilliam Morris - Blossom Silver Necklace by Moha
3% Discount

William Morris - Blossom Silver Necklace by Moha

Rs. 17,500 Rs. 18,000

You save 3%

Uroo Silver NecklaceUroo Silver Necklace

Uroo Silver Necklace

Rs. 6,800


With its silvery-white sheen and a captivating look, silver is one of the most favoured metal when it comes to jewellery. An affordable choice with elegance no less than gold, silver is a choice that can grace you in any setting or occasion. Be it your everyday casual wear or a more social environment, silver never fails to enhance the aura of your over-all look.

Silver is also a chief metal for several traditions. Various commodities used in the temples are also made of silver. Many utensils and show-pieces are also made using silver metal. Nowadays, many people are trying silver necklace online shopping. Silver necklace online is available in a variety of styles and from the convenience of your home.

Silver-line your look

Silver can provide you with a distinct and overall classy and chic look. Silver necklaces are a champion at embracing any attire. Be it a traditional or ethnic, a casual, a formal or professional look, silver necklaces are a safe bet that you can happily adorn.

Silver necklaces also work magic with the indo-western wear. Mixing up the traditional styles with a western outfit can be achieved with the introduction of an ethnically designed silver necklace. You can also purchase pure and authentic silver necklace online with a 100% genuine certificate from Moha By Geetanjali.

Unlike gold, silver necklaces don’t give out a very party or fancy vibes and can be worn daily. Although you should avoid a heavily detailed silver necklace with many pearls and beads when going out as a part of your daily routine.

Silver enhances the appearance of every type of skin. Whether you are fair-skinned, dusky or dark skin, silver suits every woman can easily pull off a silver cladding look.

Silver Necklaces for various occasions

For a more casual and subtle look, you can wear a simple silver necklace with a hint of black or other dark colours. A pearly or an egg-shell white detail would also look appropriate for the situation. If you are going for a more high-fashioned and outrageous look, you can use some bright colours such as red, orange, maroon etc.

A black outfit makes an epitome choice to adorn a silver necklace. Silver shines at best in a black backdrop. Although silver goes with any colour possible. Even white-coloured outfits look excellent with a simple or heavy silver necklace.

For a party look, you can pair up a heavily detailed silver necklace with earrings, bracelets and other jewellery. Silver necklaces compliment every type of wear and jewellery option. Here are a few check-points that you can keep in mind: -

  • For a party- Invest in a more outrageous and detailed silver necklace with an exaggerated design. Also, pair up other jewellery options such as Bracelets , Earrings , Nose pin . Load yourself up, because come on, it’s a party!
  • For a formal event - A simple chain or an everyday silver necklace with a pendant would do great wonders to level up your look.
  • A Vantablack look - An all-black outfit provides the best canvas to experiment with various types of silver necklaces. Try numerous options and carry the one that best suits your mood!

Taking care of your silvery treasure

Like every other metal, silver is also susceptible to damage if not appropriately kept. Silver can tarnish under the influence of air and humidity. To ensure the shine, maintain your necklace in the best way possible. Although a more hipster or bohemian vintage look comes through a little bit of tarnish, that is just a style preference.

Use a soft brush to dab off the dust collected on your silver necklace. Do not be harsh in handling your silver necklace. Never keep your jewellery with the already tarnished silverware. You can also take the help of a professional handler if the situation gets worse. All these measures will guarantee a long-lasting shine for your silver necklace.

Best silver necklace online

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