Mangalasutra Buying Tips

Tips for Indian Brides to choose the perfect Mangalsutra for themselves

Wedding is a very important and joyful phase for the bride and groom along with their families. It is the union of two individuals who vow to carry the journey of life together. Talking of weddings in India, it is an occasion filled with rituals and grandeur. Whether you are a Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Marwari or belong to any other Hindu religion, a wedding with massive pomp and an ample number of rituals and ceremonies is guaranteed.
An Indian bride is adorned with precious jewellery descended from family and some being part of the wedding shopping. While a bride shops for her wedding jewellery, one of the most sought-after jewellery is a Mangalsutra. It is one of the most prized possessions for a bride and a mark of marriage.

Things to consider before buying Mangalsutra
Before you visit a store to buy a gorgeous Mangalsutra for yourself you must remember a few things such as-
• Be aware of the designs
• Know your budget well
• Try to visit the best jeweller who shall craft or provide you with the jewellery as per your choice
• Look for the hallmark on the piece of jewellery.

You must be aware of the design you want for the Mangalsutra. Whether you want it simple one studded with diamonds or you want to own slightly heavier one with the gold-plated design. There are multiple choices available in a shop. The designs range from very simple and light ones to heavy ones.

To choose a perfect design, you must visit a good jeweller who shall be able to offer you various designs to choose from. One must be careful of not visiting any jeweller who does not offer standard products.

Mangalsutra for modern Indian brides wedding
Today, women have to juggle between corporate and household lives. When one is working, adorning a heavy piece of jewellery is not desirable. In such cases, women always look for something simple with less of intricate work to suit their office look as well.
To meet the demands of these customers, Mangalsutras are available which are designed in a very simple manner. The prices are kept at par with the designs.

Online purchase
If you are not pleased with the designs and quality in shops or are looking for something really unique, you have the option of online purchase. With the opening up of online shops for various purposes, you have the luxury of choosing jewellery on e-commerce platforms. There are multiple options available that can help you to buy your Mangalsutra.

These stores offer various types of Mangalsutra- starting from gold ones to a heavily diamond- studded Mangalsutra. They are available at various prices and offer a large number of options to choose from.

There are gorgeous silver mangalsutra available with tiny gold studs as well. You can buy silver Mangalsutra online to ensure ownership of a beautiful Mangalsutra for yourself.

Quality check
Before you make a final purchase, you must look for the quality checkmark on the product. If you are purchasing gold you must look for the hallmark on the piece of jewellery. There are many cases where customers are fooled and supplied with fake gold. In such cases, one must be extra cautious to avoid any unscrupulous activity from the shopkeeper.
For choosing Mangalsutra, remember to be aware of the quality and the type of design. As it is one of the most pious pieces of jewellery that resembles the significance of marriage, extra care must be taken to ensure a happy and quality purchase.

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