7 Tips for Styling with Luxurious Silver Jewellery by MohabyGeetanjali

7 Tips for Styling with Luxurious Silver Jewellery by MohabyGeetanjali

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Your silver jewellery can add up more beauty to your looks. There are different ways in which you can style your silver jewellery. In this blog we have explained 7 mind blowing tips to make your jewellery look more beautiful on you. By the end of this blog you’ll be that one who can get most out of your Silver Jewellery.

Let us look at some cool silver jewellery styles you can adopt.


  1. Street Style
    Indo- Western and Bohemian styles are some of the most trending styles of today. You can wear the jewellery on special occasions or when you are going shopping. It looks good with heels, jeggings and loosely-fitted tops.

  2. Office style
    Designer silver jewellery is now becoming the most common trend for office wear, As earlier days it isn’t limited to traditional wear. Yet, as the dress codes are becoming informal in offices, you can pair it with denim shirts, formal shirts and pants.

  3. Bohemian style
    It is the most trendy and comfortable style for funky and silver jewellery. You can wear it on occasion like music concerts, college fests, parties, casual day outing and even travelling. They are not overdone, and you look elegant. You can explore a wide collection of such bohemian style silver jewellery online at best prices at Moha by Geetanjali online Silver Jewellery Store.

  4. Desi style
    Silver jewellery goes best with kurtas and salwar kameez. Many Indian girls wear it during family functions, weddings, informal events etc. You can pair silver jewellery easily with a kurta and jeans or salwar kameez. It also looks good with palazzo and other Indian attires.

  5. Jewellery or clothing
    Before getting dressed for an occasion or even a regular day, you have to see what is more important, the dress you are wearing or the jewellery. If your clothes are simple, you can wear heavy silver jewellery, but you must go for simple silver chains and earrings if they are not. Just look at what looks best.

  6. Pair it with a Western and Indian outfit
    You can explore wide range of jewellery and buy silver finger rings online that go well with palazzo sets, Kurtis and jeans. On a typical day at work or travelling, you can wear a plain silver necklace with one ring; it will look dazzling and beautiful.

  7. What is the focus of your jewellery?
    While choosing what to wear, you would also like to evaluate where you want people to look. It can be your ears, neck, hands etc. So, pick your next silver jewellery accordingly. If you choose a heavy necklace, then avoid wearing a heavy set of earrings with it. If you are wearing a heavy set of earrings, then you wouldn't want to wear a neckpiece.


There is wide range of exclusive Silver earrings online, among other jewellery pieces, which you can order at a reasonable price for different occasions. Thus, these were some of the best tips to style your silver jewellery.

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