7 Tips for Storing Your Silver Jewelry Properly

7 Tips for Storing Your Silver Jewelry Properly

It is a point of pride and joy to add up a collection of beautiful jewellery in your jewellery box. Choosing the best ornaments and jewellery beautifies your whole look. If you want this jewellery to stay safe and shining, it is essential to make sure that the ornaments are stored properly. Special attention is to be given to your Silver Jewellery Collection.

Jewellery gets damaged and tarnished if it is not stored correctly. Silver jewellery requires the most crucial care and anti-tarnishing tips. The following guidelines will help you to keep your jewellery safe and secure so that it stays new and shining for many years.

Tips to store Silver Jewellery

  • You should keep your jewellery in a dry and clean place. You must wrap each piece of designer silver jewellery in soft tissue paper or cotton.
  • Keep your jewellery box organized. It will help you to keep your jewellery items away from each other so that they don’t become tangled.
  • Don’t let your silver jewellery touch rubber items. The sulphur compound within the rubber items can cause the tarnishing of silver.
  • Store your silver jewellery in air-tight boxes. Never keep your jewellery in wooden boxes as it will cause the ornaments to lose their shine. Humidity is the main reason to speed up the tarnishing process.
  • You can also use silica gel and activated charcoal. They help to absorb moisture and prevent tarnishing.
  • When you purchase silver earrings online from Moha by Geetanjali, you are given a separate box or pouch to store it. This box has an ultra-soft fabric in it. This fabric has anti-tarnish properties that will keep your earrings look new for a longer time.
  • Avoid wearing silver jewellery while cooking or swimming. Keep your ornaments away from heat and light as it makes the jewellery to lose its shine.

You can also check for more tips about Silver jewellery at Moha by Geetanjali blogs. Jewellery can add instant glam and beauty to any look. It has the ability and power to highlight women’s qualities and confidence. It can bring out the beauty and simplicity of a woman.

At the end

Explore exclusive collection of silver jewellery online at Moha by Geetanjali. Shop from our range of celebrity silver finger rings online collection for different occasions. You need to be very careful when it comes to storing silver jewellery. We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you to keep your ornaments shining for a longer time.

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