The Timeless Elegance of Silver Chandbali: A Jewelry Icon

The Timeless Elegance of Silver Chandbali: A Jewelry Icon

Introduction: Chand Bali Silver Bugadi is a revival of an antique bugadi from traditional times inspired by the different phases of the moon. It is a unique, elegant piece, to make a bold statement. Chandbali comprises two Hindi words, Chand means "moon" and Bali means "earrings", this design can be paired as bugadi as well as earrings, which is the versatility of this design.

Origin: Chand bali is a blend of Mughal, Rajput, and Maharashtrian cultures, the Chandbali is a royal ornament. Delightful bugadi with rich hues and motifs were perfect for royal garments.

Designing : Moha has revived this beautiful design with the addition of freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, and dual-color enamel with a reversible option. True to its name, it is a moon-shaped bugadi decorated with colors, stones, and pearls. This is the perfect head-turner design and addition of vintage touch to a modern fashion. This crescent moon shape made of silver has that light and delicate look, is decorated with gemstones and pearls, and is a classic design. It is worn with the help of a hook.

Styling: As the bugadi is decorated with gemstones, they look beautiful with ethnic wear. The gemstones used are bright in color like pink and the meenakari color like Blue and green makes them perfect for a social event. Meenakari art is an artistic play of colors and shine. Meenakari art decorates the metal base with vibrant colors. For a dressy appearance, they are weaved with pearls. These Chandbali bugadi look colorful and vibrant. Pairing them with a kurta or a lehenga would look stylish. Chandbali has its own charm, the small details in the design are what makes the piece stand out. The pop of the meenakari color in the Chandbali draws all the attention in the room.

Chandbali has a beautiful and royal look with so many color options, that confusion about styling them is unavoidable. This simple design of the earrings is receiving love from the younger generation as well. Ladies don't like to limit them for ethnic wear. They also love to pair them with Western wear as well. They look pretty in every way! Even after centuries, chandbali continues to rule the hearts of women.

Chandbali is an absolute beauty and it never fails to impress!

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