Part 6 – What does Moha mean to our Patrons?

Part 6 – What does Moha mean to our Patrons?

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What is Moha to Geetanjali? What is jewelry?

The dictionary definition says that it is an article of gold, silver, precious stones etc for personal adornment. Sure, that is how generally we look at jewelry. It is to enhance our beauty, make us look nicer, suitable for an occasion etc. However, what if someone tells you “it is an expression of what and who I am”. Profound, isn’t it?

I have had customers coming straight from the airport to the exhibition center, because we were exhibiting in that particular city. A customer stopped buying gold completely after she started wearing Moha because she feels emotionally connected to our piece of jewelry. A patron has even sold her gold ornaments to buy Moha; another one saves her hard earned money because she wants to buy Moha, as she finds it her second skin. I was dumbfounded when my patrons confided this in me. It is a gratification at another level altogether.

As I wrote before, venturing into Moha was chasing my childhood dream, something that made me push myself to the limit, even beyond. From quitting a full time, secured job to venturing into making silver jewelry, fulltime, was a big leap of faith for me. When I see that someone feels truly “herself” after wearing Moha, I know, my faith was in place. Moha is my own journey of finding my own truth. When I see it coinciding with the journey of a patron, I feel that my dream has come true.

Many celebrities for example Amrita Rao, Reena Dutta, Amir Khan, Kajol, Vidya Balan, Raveena Tondon, Priya Bapat, Sai Tamhankar etc have worn Moha. However, for me, every person who has worn, flaunted and loved Moha is a celebrity. We celebrate each piece of jewelry we make at Moha.

I feel humble for having the opportunity to be able to do this and I want to thank my patrons and the team of Moha for accomplishing it together. Keep loving us just as you do, we promise to keep being worth it, day in, day out !

Signing off With Love 

Geetanjali for Moha 

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