Part 5 – The Hygiene factors of Moha.

Part 5 – The Hygiene factors of Moha.

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When we started designing, making and selling silver jewelry under the brand Moha, we started with one artisan working with us. Moha completed its seventh anniversary a few days ago and coincidently now we have seven artisans working with us, making wonders with their hands. When we started, a few customers from India ordered our jewelry online; ordering online, that too jewelry was not a common practice back then.

Today we have lot many happy customers, our patrons who buy from us regularly and they reside all over the world. Moha cannot be Moha without its artisans and patrons. Similarly, Moha cannot be Moha without its hygiene factors.

Hygiene factors are the processes/policies/practices we follow in making the jewelry and they are sacrosanct for us, no compromises ever! The trust factor is extremely important for any business, tad more when it comes to the premium jewelry business. We know exactly what goes in every single piece of jewelry we make and sell. The silver purity ratio of our jewelry is a matter of pride for us.

Our jewelry is of 92.5% purity and it meets the Hallmark standards. Therefore, there is 92.5% silver in our jewelry but what about the rest? Pure silver cannot be used for making jewelry because it lacks the tenacity needed for making and wearing a piece of jewelry. So what goes in the remaining 7.5% of a jewelry piece? We strictly do not use metals like lead, nickel, cadmium because they are banned by Hallmark. These metals can cause allergic reactions to a sensitive skin, hence are bad for the customers. Metals for example nickel can emit fumes, hence are detrimental for the health of the karigars/artisans.

While experimenting and sticking to our hygiene factors we incur financial losses at times because we have to melt what we created or we have to spend an extra penny for sourcing good alloys. However, no loss is as critical as the loss of the trust that Moha is based on. To care for our customers and creators is our moral responsibility and that is how Moha creates exquisite and ethical jewelry.

It’s Moha’s way of showing “We care”.

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