Different Types of Nose Rings That Accentuate the Style of Wearer

Different Types of Nose Rings That Accentuate the Style of Wearer

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Nose rings are fast becoming the style statement. These rings are not just the usual jewellery pieces; rather, the wearer will see a holistic change in her personality and outlook. Adorning a nose ring is just above the routine. It is minimalistic yet complete in its form. Even a petite sized nose ring shall add considerable value to the wearer's personality. If you are searching for that perfect piece of accessory for special occasions, Moha has plenty to offer on its bandwagon. 

Nose Rings and their Ornate Designs

Without the nose rings and Naths from Moha, it feels like you are missing out on composure for those momentous events. You have the advantage of opting from hundreds of sophisticated designs of Nose Rings like Nathani, Nathuri, Latkan, Mukhuttis, Nathuri, Bullak et cetera., or you could also opt for the simple nose studs – the choice depends entirely on your liking and preference, of course, you need to complement the design with the mood of the event. Moha's nose rings are designed depending on the theme of the occasion. A few designs may gel perfectly well with all occasions, while many other designs fall class apart.  

Moha's Nose Rings: Always a Pride for the Wearer

Moha's exclusive range of nose rings and studded Naths had always been the pride for the wearer. Even a petite and not so stylish nose ring is enough to bring a quick balance of charm and sensuality to the face. The extent of this balance cannot be derived from any other jewellery. It is even more intensifying to find that the nose rings collection from Moha will make perfect memorabilia and valuable addition to your jewellery box. Here's a unique set of collection of Naths and nose rings from Moha's sandbox:

#1 - Isha Silver Nath - Pierced Left

The Isha Silver Nath is Moha's unique and esoteric Nath subtly handcrafted in the crescent shaped sun with distinct rays. The Silver Nath is a simple piece of ornamental nose jewellery, which has been beautified by distinct Meena work.

#2 – Peshwa Silver Nath – Pierced Right

The exquisite Peshwa Silver Nath is designed for wearing on the right nostril. The predominantly traditional handcrafted ornamental jewellery belongs to Moha's very special potpourri that is sure to bring a dramatic transformation in a wink.

#3- Tara Silver Nath – Pierced Right

The inspirational and petite nose ornament from Moha has been delicately handcrafted in the manner that eulogizes the moon. Tara Silver Nath is an ideal blend of style and tradition, besides plush silver jewellery that belongs to a class of its own. 

#4 – Tara Silver Nath – Clip-on Left

If something can be betokened as a suave masterpiece plus a bold masterpiece, then Tara Silver Nath from Moha is just the right match. The overelaborate design feature added to the Nath lends this overwhelming ornament greatness.   

#5 – Maya Silver Nath – Pierced Right

The attractive piece of nose jewellery from Moha is handcrafted for regular use. The Rawa pattern in Maya Silver Nath induces an incredible ethnic feel. The Nath is idyllic for those rebellious women who want to give a bold representation without putting forth a drab semblance.  


With superior quality nose rings available in different shapes and sizes at Moha's marketplace, the wearer has more options available than can be thought of. All that is left now is to make an appropriate choice and ensure that the choice matches the personality and adds significant value to your status.

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