6 Best Budget Silver Jewellery for Dearest

6 Best Budget Silver Jewellery for Dearest

The trend of silver jewellery items like necklaces, rings, armlets, bracelets, nose pins is increasing day by day. Thus it becomes the fundamental part of Indian traditional fashion. So in the blog, we have discussed the 6 best silver gifts for your loved ones.

Check out the following best budget silver jewellery products that are perfect gifts for your family or friends. 

Angora Silver Earrings

A conch shell theme inspires the Hingora Silver Earrings with 92.5 sterling silver Turquoise material and height and width of 5.7 cm and 2.7, respectively. Also, Moha has added a specific blend of tribal adornments components related to Moha's design language.

Kudi Silver Earrings

 These Moha earrings contain 92.5 silver material and a weight of 6.1 grams approximate. The height and width of the earrings are 1.5 cm. It will be ideal for you if you are fond of ethnic and tribal designs.

Urol Silver Necklace

It is a rare combination of fertility symbols of Mangal sutra and Raksha, used in amulets. The Uroo silver necklace by Moha comes with 18 cm straight length and 36 cm in circular size. The goddess and middle amulet are Raksha symbols used as protection, called Kathla.

Delicate Floral 

Circle Silver Nose Pin manufactures delicate intricacies with 92.5 silver material. The structure of the flowery round nose, the pin will surely get you a lot of attention and praise.

Powerful Goddess Silver Nose Pin

The Durga decity's strength can be added to your fashion with the help of a powerful goddess nose pin. Its basic oval shape fits perfectly on the nose providing a fine look. It is handcrafted of 92.5 silver with a height and width of 0.8 cm and 0.3 gram in weight approx.

Trisha Silver Bangle

This beautiful bracelet by Moha comes 2.4 inches in width and 92.5 material, and the significance of these auspicious symbols such as Swastika, this bangle inspire by Jain ashtmangla.

Final Words on Jewellery Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

Here we have discussed the 6 best budget silver jewellery items for gifting your loved ones by Moha. With well-crafted items and various designs of silver jewellery at affordable prices, you can find the best silver gifts for your loved ones.

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