7 most attractive silver jewellery pieces for wedding bride


Love, abundance, and the sacred union of two individuals are the hallmarks of Indian weddings. As a result of her elaborate traditional attire and jewelry, the bride is always the focus of attention. Our selection of must-have silver jewelry accessories for this ceremony is perfect for brides-to-be who want to appear magnificent and out-of-this-world.




A nose nath, which is worn on the bride's left nostril, provides a lot of beauty and aura to her facial characteristics. Ethnic art that pays respect to the goddess of marriage, Parvati, is included in this collection. The Nath has a long history of being associated with high social status, and it can quickly make you a diva. Check out the exclusive collections of Silver Nath.


Silver Mangtika


Every Indian bride should have a silver mangtika to match her silver wedding outfit. The bride wears it as a customary Indian wedding accessory. Silver mangtikas adorned with hefty headgears are available in a variety of styles for many civilizations.


Antique Silver Ring


Which Indian lady doesn't like wearing antique silver engagement rings? Everyone enjoys getting dressed up, and an Indian bride can never go over the top. You can't go wrong with a pair of antique silver rings to compliment your wedding dress. Check out the exclusive collections of Silver Rings.




A silver necklace is perhaps the most eye-catching item of silver jewelry. You'll feel like royalty when you wear the silver necklace, which was created and made to enhance your beauty. Check out the exclusive collections of Silver Necklace.



Indians are the only ones who wear toe rings. For a woman, the womb cycle represents the value of her jewelry set and her life as a loving wife. Therefore it retains a special place. For brides, this is a must-have item. Check out the exclusive collections of Silver Toe Rings.


Nose pins


In Hinduism, Nose Pin is the holiest kind of nasal silver jewelry. With its dazzling aroma and old-Indian beautification rituals, it has been worn by Indian women for ages. Nose pins ensure that your smile will never lose its luster and that your attractiveness will continue to rise and shine. Check out the exclusive collections of Silver Nose Pins.




You can always make a lady elegant and lovely by wearing earrings. Consistently, an earring expresses beauty and whimsy in its way. Earrings, especially in India, symbolize a woman's delicate and pure nature, and wearing them indicates her love and pleasure. Check out the exclusive collections of Silver Earrings.


To sum it up,


Adding heavy Indian traditional jewelry to one's wedding outfit is a must. The millennial Indian bride chooses heavy conventional silver jewelry, which appears just like gold jewelry but is considerably lighter, wearable, maybe in various forms, and is cheaper than gold jewelry. MohaByGeetanjali also specialized in bridal silver jewellery and mangalsutras. Silver Earrings, Silver Nose Pins, and much more are available in our collection of Designer Silver Jewellery.

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