5 Interesting Silver Jewellery Facts You Must Know

5 Interesting Silver Jewellery Facts You Must Know

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Silver is one of those metals discovered before 4000 BC, and ever since then, it is considered one of the most valuable and precious metals. Nowadays, silver is mainly used for making ornaments and jewellery 

Here are some facts about the silver jewellery that you must know-

  • Silver as a Metal Tarnishes Very Easily

Silver is one among such metals which is tarnished in almost no time if not appropriately preserved. If kept in the open air or exposed to water, it will become dark and lose its shine. If silver is exposed to other chemicals like deodorants, detergents, and makeup articles, it will lose its charm more quickly. It is because of this reason that silver is to be stored in airtight bags. Learn more about how to clean silver jewellery .

  • Silver Jewellery is Allergic

  Since silver jewellery contains alloy, many people complain about getting rashes and red marks on the skin on wearing them. If you also face the same problem, try applying a cream or talcum powder before wearing it.

  • Different Type of Grades

Before buying silver jewellery, you know to understand about different types of grades present. These grades consist of Russian silver, sterling silver, fine silver, and Britannia silver. It is generally challenging to distinguish among them. The best kind of silver for jewellery is sterling silver.

  • High Demand for Silver Jewellery 

Just after Gold, the metal having the highest demand in the market is silver. One can buy and sell it anytime. Also, the need for silver is increasing day by day in the fashion industry because of which it is highly accepted everywhere.

  • Silver Offers Various Variety

While buying silver ornaments or silver fashion jewellery, you will get to choose from among the wide variety of collections. From silver, various fashion accessories li earrings, bangles, rings, necklaces are made.


So these were some of the five facts which everyone should know about, before buying silver jewellery. Buying designer silver jewellery can be a great choice.

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