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Henri Matisse a French artist, known for his use of colour and whose monumental work revolutionised modern art once said, “Creativity takes Courage”. 

Jewellery has come a long way in this journey of courage and creativity. We all know it began its journey in the early period when it was probably worn as a protection from the dangers of life or as a mark of status or rank.

The jewellery has always reflected an intensely hierarchical and status-conscious society depending on the kind of jewellery you adorn and can afford. Today, we have a different dilemma as we want to wear jewellery we can identify with, add to our persona and the ones we can easily maintain.

So, there comes Silver as the popular choice as they are not only alluring and classy but also affordable, durable and there is so much you can do in terms of variety and creativity.

But with so many options, new brands joining the bandwagon and mushrooming online stores how to even know if you are buying the best silver ornaments or not.

We all want to own a piece of exquisite jewellery and want to do those purchases with confidence and swag and be assured that they are authentic, and quality is not being compromised.

Here is a quick checklist to make sure you are choosing the best silver jewellery crafted by real artisans and designed to last you a lifetime. After all, jewellery is the next best thing to love so why compromise for less. 


A hallmark is a certified mark that is there on the jewellery piece that indicates the transparency of metal and it’s the producer's mark. Pure silver as we all know is too soft for creating any jewellery, so it is combined with other types of metal to make those profound silver pieces. Check for the silver grade specification to know your silver.

Ask the seller or retailer or the brand if the hallmark is present on the item or not. Sterling silver will say STERLING, 925 or .925 meaning its 92.5% pure silver and these markings are indicative of good quality silver jewellery. Don’t settle for anything lesser than this.


Check and inspect the jewellery piece carefully before purchasing. Most of the time we don’t care to see the obvious imperfections which are visible to us like the hooks and strength of the chains, resizing possible or not and if the edges are piercing or smooth. Sometimes silver jewellery might contain nickel so in case you are sensitive to metal allergies you need to cross check on that fact before making the purchase.


One can also perform a few physical tests to ensure that you are buying a genuinely authentic product. Such tests don’t damage the silver or the product so you can do these tests guiltfree. Silver is not a magnetic metal so just a simple magnetic test will help you to test the magnetic property of the jewellery.

Keep a household strong magnet handy in your purse and test the product. Simple! Another way to test is if by rubbing the jewellery item with a clean cloth you see any black marks then it’s a good buy as real silver oxidizes and gives these dark marks.


As a customer, you should definitely check the after sales policies of the product before you make the purchase. What are the terms and conditions of the returns policies, warranty and if any free maintenance is provided for the jewellery or not?

If you are buying from an online store you need to also check the shipping policies and if return and exchange of the product are available or not. It’s advisable not to make a purchase without the option of a full refund or return.


One should be careful while buying jewellery online. It is also important that you are able to assess how authentic the silver is and how much copper has been added to the silver jewellery. When copper is mixed with silver, you will see as you wear them soon the jewellery will turn black.

It is also imperative that you compare products and jewellery of a few online stores before buying silver jewellery online because firstly it gives you a general idea about the cost. If someone is selling cheap, it will give you an idea that maybe it's not handcrafted fine silver jewellery. Also, check the reviews and testimonials of the particular brand or store.

Customer reviews always help. Reputable online stores will have a standardised refund or exchange policy, prompt customer care to help with your purchase, and detailed specifications of the product in the website itself.


At Moha, our jewellery collection is inspired by nature, crafted in finest and most authentic silver. Moha’s ethnic designs in silver are head turners so feel confident to shop for 925 sterling silver statement pieces handcrafted with love from Moha by Geetanjali.