“A series of fascinating moments strung together to craft the incredible”
After a decade as an advertising design professional, Geetanjali’s passion for ornaments and designs got the better of her. Her friends and family encouraged her. And countless brainstorming sessions later, she was raring to go.

No professional degree, only oodles of determination

Geetanjali was inspired to convert her innovative designs, motifs, and ornament designs into authentic jewellery pieces. She searched for authentic karigars, going deeper into her research and development. She also met a family friend who was also a jeweller and learnt the basics of making jewellery.
Moha by Geetanjali

"Watching these ornaments take shape are my life’s most fulfilling moments"

she says


Inspired by the Kalpavriksha “Mahua” tree, she named her brand “Moha” and began her journey in Goa. It all started in Goa in the December 2013.
Moha now celebrates Geetanjali’s travel journeys and love for nature. She is deeply inspired by Nature and take inspiration from elements of same. She also loves tribal aesthetics, values and all the tribal. she observes and then tries to translates them into wearable designs.
Each Moha piece draws from her experience and her sensitivity towards subject. It makes Moha into what it is today.