Elite silver collection for modern women

Moha- Geetanjali’s dream project has turned up very well in the fashion industry. For those who don’t know, Geetanjali is a self-taught artist who created unique designer jewellery with her sense in aesthetics and heritage. A very famous brand which is preferred by many celebrities all over the world due to their unique artisanal and handmade silver rings online jewellery.

What makes it unique?

Fashion temperatures are soaring with this incredibly Indian style silver jewellery. Silver jewellery completes your traditional Indian attire. All the range from this collection is made with high-quality sterling silver, which is considered even stronger and durable than gold. Surprisingly, these silver jewellery are now available online.

Where to find it online?

You can now buy silver rings for women online in India at the official/web page Moha by Geetanjali. Here, we present our most enchanting collection of silver ornaments. Choose the best silver rings online and embrace yourself!

Best Collections of pure silver rings online

To Moha, jewellery is not just a piece of stone or metal. But, jewellery made with love, inspired by nature and respect for the skilful artists of India for creating beautiful pieces of jewellery out of silver. Let’s look at what Moha has got for you.

The very first collection of Moha by Geetanjali is called Goa. You might wonder why Goa? Right? Geetanjali says this label’s a tribute to the wonderful beauty of the coastal town-Goa with a blend of ancient folklore and Portuguese fashion culture. The shoppers can now buy silver rings online along with necklaces and hairpins created with turquoise and coral stones. To a normal human being, turquoise is a bright blue coloured stone which beautifully fuses with the silver metal but, it actually has some spiritual and healing properties.

The second collection is based on traditional route and resemblance of seed pods. Geetanjali calls it a nature-inspired collection which she found during her travelling to spiritual and aesthetics places. The shoppers can find some silver rings online, various kinds of nose-pins and earrings with amazing designs and stones.

The third collection is named Revival which tributes the work of Karigars which were lost long back in time. The collection includes rare earpieces designs such as Gili Ole which showed dominance and importance in the state Karnataka in the late 70s or 80s. That’s not all, there’s more. Unique designs and types of naths, cufflinks for men and lapel pins which are very rare to find now. Yet, you can buy them, all thanks to Geetanjali! Choose the best pure silver ring online and buy silver rings online to dazzle all around and find a wide range of options to go with your attire.

Geetanjali is now focused on giving artists a better platform to showcase their wares globally and make the nation proud. She is making a smooth way for the talented artisans to show their uniqueness by selling their products online to customers via Moha. So, you can find silver rings online and do silver ring online shopping for any occasion.

Moha’s stone diaries

Coral and turquoise stones are embedded in cool designs of silver ornaments. This sacred type of stones makes the collection even more authentic and unique. At Moha by Gitanjali get the right type of sterling silver earrings and nose-pins to go with your traditional or any stylish attire and make you enhance your personality and embrace the beauty of Indian culture. Get silver rings online and fall in love with the beautiful collection.

You can try the simple stud rings for casual wear. You can buy silver rings online, be it an oval or a rectangle. Both of these styles are a very popular type of rings and are always in style since ancient times. Traditional rings are the best pick with Indo-western or traditional Indian clothing.

Advantages of wearing Moha's Sterling silver ornaments

Unlike gold or platinum, silver isn't much popular among youngsters. But, definitely has many advantages;

  • The silver jewellery from the range of Moha is pocket-friendly than any other ornament you find in the market.
  • Easy availability of silver rings for women online.
  • Sterling silver is durable than any other element, wearable and stylish.
  • Silver can be molded into any design and shape.
  • It is rust-free, lasts for decades.
  • It shows a sign of spirituality and culture.
  • Pure silver rings online showcase various designs and patterns for women.

Shop at Geetanjali's new collection range of silver jewellery. It is durable, trusted and truly stylish. Seeking for silver rings online shopping? Get everything here at Moha by Geetanjali and fall in love with this exquisite collection of pure silver.