Why is everyone buying silver more than gold

Why is everyone buying silver more than gold

In today’s world where another day there is a new fashion trend, it is not possible for anyone to keep up with the trend with an expensive metal, which we all admit is also no friend to any one's pocket, here where silver becomes a hero for everyone and helps them keep up with the trend, by giving that luxurious feeling.

Silver is available in abundant quantity, and its affordability even after being a precious metal is a special factor, that allows someone to think of repurchasing. Silver is a malleable metal that helps the craftsman shape it in a beautiful pattern with an intricate design, which will be loved and wanted by many! and in addition, gold jewelry styles can be simply replicated in silver. There are thousands of possibilities for silver jewelry fans, from bracelets and silver necklaces to rings, pendants, and lockets. People are gravitating toward silver jewelry because it comes in a variety of unique styles and is perfect for day-to-day wear. To create a stylish appearance, one may just wear a single piece or stack a few for more for that aesthetic. In comparison to gold and platinum, silver is significantly less expensive. If one can’t afford gold or other precious metals, one can always go for gold-plated silver jewelry, which is both reasonable and always fashionable. Mixing and matching different accessories is simple with silver.

Unlike gold, it can be safely stored at home rather than in lockers.

Silver goes well with any type of attire or skin tone. Silver is a neutral color that goes beautifully with all complexions. When it comes to gold jewelry, we often consider skin undertones, but with silver, you don’t have to. Silver goes with everything, from your everyday outfits to your heavier ethnic, either way, you’ll look stunning. It can also be combined with gold to create a two-toned effect. We feel people nowadays prefer silver jewelry over gold, especially when it comes to everyday jewelry. Mostly because silver looks very classy and fashionable and it goes well with both traditional and Western clothing. Youngsters prefer something that is subtle and yet able to make a statement, silver jewelry does exactly that.

Gold on the other hand I feel is kept for weddings mostly, not to mention it is very expensive as well.

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