What is the difference between sterling silver jewellery and oxidised silver jewellery?

What is the difference between sterling silver jewellery and oxidised silver jewellery?

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Is it true that sterling silver or regular Silver are both the same thing to you? It turns out that there are two different types of materials that have different types of care methods, lifespans, and costs.

But what are these differences? Sterling silver vs. Silver: Is there one better than the other one? To learn more, keep reading. 

Oxidised Silver Jewellery

Any item called pure Silver or fine Silver is as pure as you'll get: It's made of 99.9percent pure Silver. It will have very few trace amounts (only 0.01 percent), but it will be primarily simple Silver (hence the name).

 The reason pure Silver isn't used to making jewellery that is very fine and delicate is that it doesn't work well. Because Silver is so soft, it's not as durable. If they are made of fine Silver, they can be bent or damaged easily. Fine Silver is often used to make excellent jewelry.


Silver can also catch rust. This means that Silver reacts with the gasses in the air, making silver products change color, fade, and look dirty.


Fine Silver must be at least 99.9 percent silver to be called fine Silver. This stamp is usually stamped with "999" or ".999" or "99.9." This means that it's made of Silver.

Sterling Silver 

Sterling silver is made up of many different types of metal together. Many times, copper or zinc are used to make this 7.5 percent. When Silver is mixed with these other metals, it is much stronger. 

Notice that the last silver-plated item on the list above is used. Also, notice that the list of things MOHA sterling silver can be used for is more extended than fine Silver. 


Silver ornaments is more likely to get rusty than pure Silver. As we already talked about, Silver can become tarnished when exposed to the air, which is why we talked about it. 

On the other hand, Sterling silver is more likely to degrade because of the alloy metals in sterling silver. You can speed up the tarnishing process when you mix them with another metal that can be stained, like Silver.


Sterling silver is also marked with a stamp to show that it is made of genuine sterling silver. These stamps usually say "925" "92.5" or ".925" to show how pure the silver inside is. However, you can sometimes see "ss" as a stamp for sterling silver.

Wrapping Up

Jewelry is an essential thing to people, particularly women. Necklaces can be a piece of ornament, an old one, a valuable gift, a memory of a particular time, and so on. They have many different meanings and feelings. For more, details check out Mohabygeetanjali.com.

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