The mystical influence of the Turquoise over spirituality!

The mystical influence of the Turquoise over spirituality!

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Long ago, in the markets of Europe, a bright and captivating-blue stone caught everyone’s attention! Since then, the Turquoise has been successful in capturing everyone under its spell. Apart from its visual beauty, the Turquoise has had many spiritual benefits, thereby making it one of the most widely used semi-precious stones;

Protection: Ancient lore states that the stone changes colour to warn the wearer of any oncoming danger and is found to carry and cast a protective force. Thus this stone was used in ancient amulets.

Healing: This spectacular stone has been known to have inherent power when it comes to healing and cleansing an individual from his or her karma and past life sins. This is why the turquoise helps soothe both the body and the spirit.

Spiritual connect: Since ancient times, the Turquoise has helped connect the spiritual with the physical and to build up a stronger connection between the two. When placed on the spiritually known ‘third eye’ area it was known to enhance and promote the power of intuition. The throat chakra is another area which is said to benefit with the help of this stone by helping the soul express itself to its best ability.

Purification: Known as a purification stone, it Turquoise has helped clear negativity and other such bad energy vibes present around the wearer since time immemorial. It helps align all the chakras present in the body.

Psychological: This stone has helped the wearer stay calm, express himself or herself and to stay alert. Turquoise has been known to brilliantly alleviate depression, panic attacks as well as mood swings.

Strength: The Turquoise instils strength in the beholder by aiding mental health and problem-solving skills. This stone carries energies and vibrations that make the body stronger by strengthening the psychic and the physical immune systems. It completely removes negativity from the body thereby clearing off inherent infections. The stone is said to carry anti-inflammatory properties and rejuvenate the solar plexus.

Although the story behind this ancient stone’s name is not clearly defined, it is most frequently believed to have received its name from the word Turquie; French for Turkey. The stone is said to have had its way into the European markets through Turkey.

A carrier of so many benefits, it poses as an elixir and instantly captivates; due to its attractive blue aquamarine colour; a colour so interesting that it has been known as a unique turquoise colour itself since ages.

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