Part 3 – Let the show begin

Part 3 – Let the show begin

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After a yearlong groundwork on the knowhow-marketplace-finance front, finally the day arrived when I created my first design. The Karigar/artisan and I were working together on a pair of earrings; he was giving the final shape to what I had drawn on paper. The long nail-shaped earrings that you see in the picture was the first born to the brand Moha. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I witnessed and soaked in the moment that I had envisaged years ago.

We never had a formal inauguration function for any of Moha´s studios; it was always a humble affair. The studios were more of a working abode rather than a showcasing or selling outlet, except the recent one in Thane. I have a staff here who works in the studio; we sell from the studio, however the sale predominantly takes place online.

In January 2014, I did Moha´s first exhibition in Goa in the Saturday night market. The weekly exhibition went on until April 2014. This being a night market, it would go on until midnight after which I would pack up all my stuff, put it in the car and drive back home that was around 25-30 kilometers far from the exhibition’s location. I used to reach home by 3 am, all by myself, in a physically exhausted yet mentally, emotionally energized condition.

This exhibition not only taught me the art of selling but also driving. Because just a few days before the exhibition, I could not drive at all. This was like a crash course done just few days before the exam day and passing the exam with flying colours. This experience enriched the businessperson in me, also made me a stronger and more self-assured person, as I left no stone unturned while I was at it.

We launched many independent designs in the first three years. This also gave me the time to learn how to build a collection and how to launch it. Moha´s first collection was launched in 2016. It was a tribute to beautiful Goa, the place where my dream came true. The collection was based on the pre-Portuguese aesthetics of Goa and we named it as “Goa Series”. It received an overwhelming response and we knew that “Moha has arrived”.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. However, I am elated that what began in Goa, did not only stay in Goa but grew by leaps and bounds, it even crossed the boundaries of India.

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