How To Organise Your Jewellery Collection

How To Organise Your Jewellery Collection

When you're looking for jewelry, the worst thing is to find a bunch of diamonds and chains mixed up. It's not only bad for the quality of your jewelry, but it also makes it hard to find the right thing.


Go through your jewelry collection and clean it to keep it in good shape and to make it easier to put on and take off, we say. As one of Sydney's most well-known jewelers, we can help you with how to store and organize your jewelry.


  • Get rid of all your old jewelry.


To start, you'll need to clean up your collection so that you can put it in order. Going through your things and deciding which things you don't want to keep frees up space for your remaining items. There is a bonus: It will make your collection less crowded and easier to find what you want.


Throw away any designs that are damaged or worn down. We suggest giving it to a friend or family member for jewelry that is still in good shape but doesn't fit your tastes. 


  • Invest in good storage.


The store displays and containers you use to store your jewelry must be of the best quality. It's easy to choose from various options, such as hidden boxes and unique displays.


For earrings, use a dish or plush pillow to keep them safe. When you want to show off more extended designs, like necklaces or bracelets, use a stand. 


  • Keep all of your pieces organized. 


After you have decided what you want to collect and have the space to store it, your items should be stored in an organized way. You should separate your parts to keep them from getting worn out.


Putting all of your designs together makes it more likely to get mixed up. To avoid damage to your Jewellery, you don't want stones to rub against each other. Fine jewelry must be handled with care because it is very fragile.


It's important not to overcrowd your storage, even if you have chains. You don't want your parts to get mixed up with each other!


Wrapping up


Putting things away can be easier if you group items together that are similar. Many people have a lot of different things, and they want to keep them organized. 


Our advice on storing your jewelry has convinced you to go out and buy the things you'll love for a long time. To purchase some lifetime Pieces, check out the exclusive Silver jewellery collection at MOHA today.

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