Fabulous Jewellery Gift Ideas That Every Indian Groom Would Love

Fabulous Jewellery Gift Ideas That Every Indian Groom Would Love

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Indian weddings are a grand affair full of glamour and richness, starting from its traditions to their attire. While Jewellery is an important part of every Indian wedding, it is questionable whether the grooms may also need to add jewellery to their D-day look just like the bride?

What to choose?
From necklaces to nose rings, from maang tikkas to bangles, from earrings to waistbands a bride has many options to choose from. And even you have no difficulty in choosing the best bridal jewellery as a gift for the occasion.

But don’t worry as the grooms are ready to experiment nowadays with their looks as well. And, in this article, we will tell you about some elegant Jewellery gift ideas which you can choose as the perfect gift for him.

The Basic Options
You can get your basic gold jewellery from the shop or some trendy silver jewellery online as the gift for your groom-to-be.

Now necklaces are not only for the brides as the groom can also put on some stylish and trendy neckpieces to look handsome. Starting from pearls to Kundan Malas to beads, one can play with colors and add some contrast to their sherwanis with these amazing neckpieces. 'Satlada Haar', which is a seven-layered necklace is also designed especially for the groom along with pearls and stones. If one wants to go minimal, you can also choose chains which are light-weight and perfect. While gold jewellery gives you that evergreen look, silver chains are now in the trend. Add some embellishments like ruby, emerald to add extra sparkle to your neckpiece.

It's not only about the wedding ring always, but a simple ring can also be a nice gift to the soon-to-be-groom as he can wear it whenever he wants. It can be platinum or gold-plated with a single stone design on the front. You can even get them online nowadays with a range of unique designs as your gift for the bridegroom.

While many believe ‘less to be more’ for the groom jewellery, bracelets are something you cannot miss. This not only compliments your wrist area but also adds substance to your look. A customized bracelet with any religious symbol, the names engraved, or some ethnic motifs can surely level up the groom’s outfit for the D-day.

Adding the little details
Just like the detailed work on the designer sherwani, you cannot simply miss these small accessories which compliment big time for the groom’s wedding look.

Brooch, Buttons, and Cufflinks
These small accessories simply add more royalness and drama to your attire. Whether it’s customized or ornamented, these are perfect for the wedding or reception look. They can be made of gold, silver, vintage, or jewelled and simply add the shine to the outfit. Brooches and buttons add contrast to the monochromes and cufflinks are modern yet classy to choose from.

While not many are aware of what this is, this is the perfect ornament for your groom’s pagri or head turban. Yes, you heard that right. This little brooch like ornament fits right in the front and elevates the simple turban cloth to a royal one.

Now it’s time for you to pick your favourite one
While many will focus on the bride and the Bridal Jewellery gifts which surely is the perfect choice for any marriage ceremony, if you have the right budget and want to do something different from the rest, you can choose any of these and surprise the groom as it is his special day too.

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