Origin of mangalsutra

Origin of mangalsutra

Today's time where we consider styling oneself and having a fashion statement is essential; however, there is one piece of jewelry worn by married women in India that has a very auspicious meaning. And it defines the love husband and wife share with each other, and the jewellery piece we are talking about is a necklace called Mangalsutra.

In Hindu marriage, Wearing Mangalsutra is considered a crucial ritual as it is worn by women after their wedding and has an enormous impact on their lives. Apart from Mangalasutra, women also love to wear actual silver Jewellery as a symbol of pride.

However, everyone knows about the Mangalsutra but do you know about their origin or where they came from? So let's dive into that and know about the origin of Mangalsutra in this article. So without further ado, let's take a glance.

Unknown facts of Mangalsutra

  1. Mangalsutra, as the name says Mangal, which means Fortunate, and sutra, which means thread that sums up as a fortunate thread or promising thread. 

2. Mangalsutra is tied by the groom to the bride around their neck on their auspicious marriage day and is considered a sacred Hindu custom.

3. They also give a marital mark to women. It was first originated in South India Mangalsutra is pronounced as Thali, where they wear it as a silver pendant with a thread painted yellow with turmeric paste. 

4. Later it was adapted in Northern India and other parts of the country. In North India, it is worn as black beads thread with a silver pendant in the middle. Some wear it with thread and some with black beads. 

5. Different part of the country has their way of wearing and styling it. People in Nepal and Sri Lanka also have this custom and have a little different style of wearing it. 

6. History says that women should wear it to save themselves and their partners from negative energies. It is a holy ornament and symbolizes wealth, health, and prosperity in the couple's life. 

7. Ayurveda says that wearing pure silver Mangalsutra has Health benefits and is suggested to hide it under their inner and closure to their heart to stimulate good waves through them; they also bring calmness and helps to improve digestion system. 

8. They also build a strong and beautiful bond between the husband and wife. People also say breaking of Mangalsutra is an atrocious indication. It is said that a woman should wear a Mangalsutra until his husband's demise.

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