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Titli double finger silver ring

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Titli double finger silver ring

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Height: 3.9 cm
Width: 5.8 cm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Finish: 18K gold plated
Type: Finger Ring

With mesmerising beauty and colourful wings, butterflies are fascinating creatures to marvel at. What makes them special is the the fact that their very existence is an important factor - their large numbers show that the surrounding climate and ecosystem is healthy. Butterflies are also a very important part of the food chain as they are eaten up by many birds, bigger insects etc. Butterflies are part of many different species by helping in the pollination process and pest control too.

The lovely and attractive form of the butterfly developed by Moha is a tribute to their great bit towards keeping the ecosystem healthy and functioning. Moha has designed a form based on the many many different types of butterflies present in nature, just as the one used to create the Titli silver ring. This ring features a big butterfly form. It is very contemporary and a must add for every butterfly lover. The ring is a double finger ring and has two adjustable silver bands which makes it easy to wear and flaunt off!



Height: 3.9 cm 
Width: 5.8 cm 
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Finish: 18K gold plated
Type: Finger Ring

Accentuate the look of any outfit with this Titli double finger silver ring dripping with contemporary style. Team it up with organic cotton clothing to spice up your look!.

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