Moha by Geetanjali - Designer silver jewelry

Size guide

Have you come across a silver jewellery item that you absolutely loved on our site? Thinking about investing in it but worried if it will fit you well?

Go through our size guide to help you determine if the jewellery you have chosen is right for you!


Nose pins:


Moha crafts nose pins and it’s popular ‘naths’ in two style variants - Clip-ons and piercings.

Women who have not had their noses pierced can opt for the clip-on ones.

Both style variants fit snugly and comfortably on the nose thereby ruling out any issues when it comes to fitting.




The finger rings from Moha Silver Jewellery’s collection are all created by keeping the idea of perfect fitting in mind. This is why all our rings are made with adjustable bands to help fit any finger perfectly and without any hassle!




All our necklaces are made using cotton thread and are as long as stated in the detailed information on the product page. These necklaces have an adjuster which can help adjust the necklace to your desired length. This enables you to sport different lengths of the very same necklace every time you wear it!