Valaya silver ring

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Valaya silver ring

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The gentle honey bee has been a boon, a gift to mankind. From creating sweet and succulent honey to helping pollinate flowers, it makes this planet a much greener place. This ring is a tribute to its fascinating physical form - a tribute to the epoch making work that this small insect carries out.

Handcrafted from silver, the form is an amalgamation of the actual form of the Honeybee along with the stylised line drawn versions of Moha. Accentuated with a lovely design on its tiny wings, the bees wings and form are both created to slightly mimic the honeybee. The ring has a very offbeat design which mimics the natural action of bees as they extract pollen from a flower. the design has a central yellow stone which is surrounded bees on all sides.

The ring is small and contemporary in its style - to suit the bold and the fearless woman of today! It is adjustable which makes it fit anyone easily and snugly.

When the world was young, facing one of its early dawns, when the sun shone bright and the green earth burst forth with new springs of life. The world’s first insect opened its eyes for the very first time. Awestruck with its glimpse of the world, of the lush green blades of grass. With the fine specks of dust which reflected the rays of the sun. With a heart filled with joy it crawled over the earth, in search of the others, to share these joys with them.

And as the world slowly grew older, the insect was reunited with all the others.
With the 'Goonjan', Moha is celebrating these heartfelt moments of their reunion.. their coexistence.. With each insect form, Moha weaves a tale of its very existence and the role it has been assigned on the planet earth..