Gold plated Gokhru silver earrings

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Gold plated Gokhru silver earrings

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₹ 4,900.00
Width: 3.3 cm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Finish: Gold plated
Type: Earrings

The gold plated Gokhru silver earrings are inspired from the old earring design Gokhru seen in northern Gujarat. The design has been inspired by the prickly spherical blossoms of the Babul tree and its seed vessels known as Gokru. The raised pointed design present on the earrings was originally done by what was known as babul work. Each original Gokhru pair took about 10 days to be made as each raised and pointed ‘thorn’ had to be carefully soldered to the earring’s surface. These earrings can be still seen in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Shimla etc and are a part of a brides marriage ornaments. Moha has handcrafted this stunning pair of earrings from 925 sterling silver to add to your attire this festive season!

The Gokhru silver earrings belong to the “Rati” collection. This collection brings together the raw flavours & design aesthetics native to ethnic communities from around the world. This collection is a revival - a revival of antique designs with an elegant amalgamation of Moha’s own design aesthetics. With this collection, Moha aims to bring to you lots of breathtaking designs which carry a vibrant, festive vibe. “Rati” is a collection which echoes the excitement, energy & aura of the upcoming festivities in India.