Kalash Small silver Bugdi - Piercing

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Small Kalash silver Bugdi - Piercing

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₹ 2,500.00

Straight length: 3.2 cm
Width: 1.1 cm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Finish: Oxidized silver

Please note: The Bugdis are sold as a pair.

Bugdi are interesting ornaments traditionally worn by women from the Hindu communities, mainly Maharashtrians and by women belonging to the northern region. Crafted to be worn in the helix region of the ear, these beautiful and aesthetically pleasing ear ornaments are stated to closely resemble the ‘Koppu’ ornament which has its origins in Tamil Nadu. Structurally, each bugdi has a thin and long hollow plug and a screw. The screw has balls at each side which help secure the bugdi in place. The ball under the helix is slightly bigger and shows variety in designs which help differentiate among bugdis.

This particular bugdi design has been inspired by the Kalashin bugdi. This bugdi traditionally depicts a knob like region with 6 granules with the addition of a 7th granule on the top, thereby making its top region resemble a temple top or the ‘kalash’ of a temple. The Kalash being a symbol of auspiciousness makes this type of bugdi popular. Moha has designed handcrafted bugdis in a number of designs which will suit the modern woman. This design is a smaller version of the Kalash bugdi launced earlier.

With careful attention to details and comfort, these elegant and alluring bugdis are made to catch women’s hearts. Shop for this dainty ornament made by Moha - with love, just for you!