Harappa script silver bracelet

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Harappa script silver bracelet

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₹ 5,500.00

Wrist Size (Inner diameter): 2.1 Inches
Width: 2.1 inches
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Color: Oxidized Silver
Type: Bracelet (kada)

Handcrafting jewellery based on historic objects; particularly ones from the renowned Harappan era; was a tremendous task. Making these forms suitable for the current woman & her day to day lifestyle was another challenge altogether. Lots of designing, research, meetups with art history experts & attempts to preserve the historic meaning behind each of the Harappan forms has gone behind each beautifully crafted piece from this 'Harappa collection'.

These particular bracelet is based on the harappan script. The text is also known as the Indus script. It is an interesting one and contains about 400 pictographic signs. The signs are made complex by the presence of diacritic-like marks. Each symbol is said to differ based on different materials or surfaces it has been found etched on. According to historians, half of the signs are basic and other half are composite ones. Moha has utilised this interesting script or text into designing these beautiful pieces.