Keep earring fiascos at bay with this classic earring selection guide!

Jennifer Lopez once said, “Women should never go without earrings. Passing them on is an opportunity missed”! A pair of earrings and its impact can hardly be overstated. According to fashion experts, building a high fashion wardrobe starts with selecting a perfect pair of earrings as these can actually make or break your look. Finding the ‘holy pair’ that sings melodies with your face and which accentuates your natural beauty, takes some thought. While choosing, there is a lot more to it than just getting hold of a little something shiny. Ladies, it all comes down to 3 golden commandments! So sit back with your cup of coffee and read on through this guide to get all the secrets...


The shape of your face matters

Did you ever wonder why a pair of earrings looked good on your friend but not so good on you? It might have been because she has a different face than yours. Believe it or not, the shape of the face is a very important criteria to consider when you go earring shopping. To help you find a great pair, I will be letting you in on the common face shapes and the kind of earrings which suit them the best!

Here are 6 main shapes of beautiful faces! :)

The Oval

You have an oval face if you have a forehead that is as wide as the cheekbones which slightly tapers at the bottom. It is a highly versatile shape as any kind of earrings only accentuate it. That said, the earrings that best flatter an oval are dangle ones which start out as long and thin and then widen out at the bottom. For example Ahir Silver Earrings will look good on oval face.

The Long

The long face can be described as a slightly elongated oval. Usually short stud earrings or smaller earrings with unique designs or patterns bring out the best out of this face as they balance out the long shape beautifully. The Harappa hexa unicorn silver earrings are a great example which you can check out here.

The Round

These are slightly chubbier or have wide cheekbones which gives them a spherical appearance. Making such a face appear thinner and more balanced is what you should aim for if you have this characteristic shape. Women with round faces should ideally opt for earrings that are long and tapering, which cut through the round shape. For example the Harappa bhasha silver earrings are a perfect match.

The Heart

This unique shape is identified by a forehead that is wider than the cheekbones which are narrower. The shape eventually narrows down to the chin. Bigger earrings with shapes which have curves, twists etc look beautiful on heart shaped faces. A stunning example of such are the Tarang silver earrings.

The Square

This type is identified by a forehead that is as wide as the cheekbones. As opposed to the heart shape, the square shape does not narrow down to the chin which gives the face a squarish appearance. Hoop earrings as well as long earrings which reach upto the jaw lines appear striking along with this face type, are the Arnica Loop silver earrings.

The Diamond

The diamond shape is characterised by wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead and chin. Long earrings that have design details at the lower end can help balance out the narrow chin area and add beauty to the face. The best pair to go for would look a little Curled Vines silver earrings like these.


The occasion is important

Fashion and style is all about what you wear and where you wear it! The occasion is the second most important criteria that you should bear in mind while selecting a pair that speaks to you! Have a look at some pointers to help you out! 

At a chic workplace

At the workplace, it's all about exuding the professional vibes. But this does not mean that you want to be considered clumsy when it comes to style! The best way to take care of workplace fashion is to go for something small yet stylish, unique and comfortable. Have a look at these to nail the workwear fashion

For a glam party look

This is where all the magic happens and you can get all experimental! At a party the best bet is to show off your charisma and style with a pair that is eye catching.. One that pulls all eyes at you! One pro tip while you choose party jewellery is to consider what your outfit is and then decide a pair that matches or compliments its colours and style - all this with something that you are comfortable in!

For those awesome friendly gatherings

Friends are our extended families. When it comes to people who are close to us we can shine on in all that we truly love and are comfortable with! Friendly gatherings call for earrings that are stylish, unique and which make you feel comfortable in your skin and exude an easygoing vibe!

For the traditional meetups

So what do you wear for all those occasions that bring out all the heavily embroidered and embellished kurtas, lehengas and sarees from your wardrobe? Earrings that match the colour scheme of your outfit and which have traditional or ethnic designs are ideal picks for such events! These are the best events to get out your heavily decorated earrings!


Now that you know what to wear and when to wear it, here is 1 golden rule straight from the holy bible of fashion that you should always abide by - Don't ignore your personal style

Fashion and style is all about what you wear and where you wear it! The occasion is the second most important criteria that you should bear in mind while selecting a pair that speaks to you! Have a look at some pointers to help you out!

The bold one

The one who loves to flaunt off her eccentric tastes. The extrovert who craves for bolder, bigger, chunkier designs! If this sounds just like you then the Vrishabh earrings from the iconic Harappa collection would be the best for you.

The idealist

The woman who has a ‘don't mess with me vibe’ the idealist who desires to have control over what she does. Sounds familiar? Here is a unique pair from the Maheshwar collection that would look perfect on you.

The introvert

She is one who loves to wear something unique but nothing too loud to pull in all the spotlights! Worry not, this pair from the Goonjan collection will look awesome on you.

The one who adores nature

For the lover of all things pure, clean and green, the earthy babe, the Cosmos Bean silver earrings from the KOSH are ones made just for women like you.

The sweet one

A woman who is a daydreamer and has her head soaring high up in the clouds. She is the one who would love detailed, intricate patterns and would prefer a burst of colours. The Anjar silver earrings from the Rati collection which will best suit her.


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