Moha by Geetanjali - Designer silver jewelry

Moha's story!

The fascinating story which led to the start of Moha silver jewellery -


It all started with Geetanjali’s desire to do something different other than pursuing a 9-5 job. Geetanjali had worked in the field of advertising and digital communications space for nearly 10 years. Somewhere during this period of her life, a wish to start something of her own arose into her mind! Her wish soon took root and with each passing day her desire to see her dream fulfilled grew! This is when Geetanjali finally decided to go ahead and follow her dream. She quit her job and began to seriously consider the idea of starting her own business.


Now that she had quit, what next? This question plagued her for many days after. But she had a few ideas based on what she absolutely loved - design! Geetanjali always had very strong ideas when it came to ornaments and their designs. Whenever she got some time for leisure, she used to draw lots of innovative designs, motifs and ornaments which she desired to convert into real tangible handmade silver jewellery pieces. Thinking on these lines Geetanjali followed up on this idea after countless brainstorming sessions with her family and friends.


It is said that ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ and this led Geetanjali to another step further down her dream path. She soon came across a family friend who was a jeweller. He introduced her to many people who knew about different aspects of making handmade jewellery. After several discussions with them, Geetanjali grasped the basic concepts after which she did a lot of research and development. In the beginning, Geetanjali learned the process of making silver jewellery through many trial and error processes and by slowly learning from her mistakes. From then onwards, things started taking shape into reality. She applied those techniques and made a batch of silver jewellery, one of Moha’s first pieces, and participated at an exhibition in Goa. On receiving a great response and the warm welcome from her family and friends, Geetanjali got a taste of her first dream and its success! Eventually, Geetanjali participated in many more exhibitions and the brand grew with each success leading it to where it is now today!

At present, along with a number of exhibitions all over India, Moha has launched three collections which have received a great response - The 'Goa - With Love' collection, 'KOSH' and the Revival Collection. The 'Goa - With Love' collection is Geetanjali's tribute to Goa and its breathtaking flora and scenic beauty. It has been inspired by the flora, fauna and other traditional motifs obtained in Goa. It has pre-Portuguese design aesthetics translated into silver. The 'KOSH' is wholly based on a biomimetic theme as this collection has been inspired by seed pods. This contemporary collection is crafted to stand out from the rest! The Revival collection is based on bringing old, forgotten designs from our rich past which are brought to life with interesting twists from Moha.

We have recently launched a unique collection of Bugadis - The traditional ear ornament worn by Maharashtrian and North Indian women.

Geetanjali is an avid reader and a wanderer by nature. Crafts and tribes are subjects close to her heart. All the lovely memories resulting from her journey have been her primary source of inspiration when it comes to designing jewellery. These memories are the ones which she now translates into wearable designs.