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Bija silver earrings

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Bija silver earrings

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Height:1.9 cm
Width:1.9 cm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Finish: Oxidized Silver
Type: Earrings

The interesting design motif used for these earrings has been inspired from the Moroccan design aesthetics particularly from the tribes. The motif is known as the Berber Southern Cross pendant and is a common feature of nomadic tribes. The Cross is a traditional revered motif. This design is widely known as the Southern Cross constellation in the sky as it is responsible to guide the various tribal groups safely during their trips through desserts and faraway lands at night time. Moha has incorporated this motif and blended its own design aesthetics in order to create these exotic earrings. Revisit this traditional concept with an interesting twist by Moha and revel in the elegance of these earrings by getting your own pair!



Height:1.9   cm
Width:1.9   cm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Finish: Oxidized Silver
Type: Earrings

These elegant earrings are part of our revival series where we have revisited our favourite desigs from the past and added in our unique Moha touch!

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To ensure that your product stays and looks as good as new, keep it away from sprays, water and other corrosive liquids. When not in use, place your product in a plastic zip-lock bag provided with it as part of its packaging.

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