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Avi silver ring

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Avi silver ring

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Height: 3 cm
Width: 3 cm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Finish: 18K gold plated
Type: Finger Ring

The gentle honey bee has been a boon, a gift to mankind. From creating sweet and succulent honey to helping pollinate flowers, it makes this planet a much greener place. Moha’s Honeybee in a heart silver earrings are a tribute to its fascinating physical form - a tribute to the epoch making work that this small insect carries out.

Handcrafted from silver, the form is an amalgamation of the actual form of the Honeybee along with the stylised line drawn versions of Moha. Accentuated with a lovely design on its tiny wings, the bees wings and form are both created to slightly mimic the honeybee.

This silver ring is very contemporary in its style - to suit the bold and the fearless woman of today! It is adjustable, which means that you can wear it and adjust it to make it fit snugly on your finger. It is further beautified by the application of pastel blue and green meenakari along with a rubellite stone.



Height: 3 cm 
Width: 3 cm 
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Finish: 18K gold plated
Type: Finger Ring

The Avi silver ring showcases the quirky form of the honeybee along with a fusion of the ethnic vibes. It is easy to slip on and is adjustable which makes flaunting them off at parties and social events really comfortable! Wear it to make you feel as unique as its design!

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