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Self-taught artist Geetanjali is petite. But her sense of aesthetics infuses a unique, powerful language into her statement designer jewellery: her dream project Moha.

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Designer Silver Jewellery

Moha believes in making ethical jewellery by using natural materials. We believe in quality which is why it is very important for us to keep pace with every woman’s changing lifestyles along with modern sensibilities. Moha focusses on creating designs which suit a modern everyday lifestyle as well as ones that suit traditional aesthetics. We create a fusion with a promise to curate and deliver unique designs.

We emphasize techniques and styles preserved from the past. Our jewellery making process incorporates machines in the least way possible as we value handcrafting the most. The ability to craft using traditional techniques is what Moha has dreamed about.

Our constant effort to reach our ideal consumer has led to a lot of modification and adaptation in jewellery forms as well as in our product diversification. For example, many of our products such as lightweight earrings, ear-cuffs, small and comfortable cuffs, double rings, some motifs, single strand necklace to specifically suit various outfits, etc. Most of Moha's jewellery is handcrafted with traditional creativity and love.